Essential Life Skills Self Compassion and Self Esteem!

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Neff is working an associate professor at the University of Texas, Austin, who suddenly came across the fact that her findings are invaluable. She came to know about it when she was at the mid of her psychological research conducted on self compassion. However, she has managed to stay sympathetic and really compassionate to herself and this is what allowed her to cope with the matter constructively. Such attitude has also allowed her to offer quality insights for How to Parent Her Struggling Son.

Neff has even written about it in the Self-Compassion, released this April. She has mentioned that self compassion and self esteem are the most important life skills that should be acquired by every human being. It’s all about imparting resilience, showing courage, staying energetic and having a creative mind. This sort of approach can really enhance your self esteem.

So many people in this world lack such skills. Self compassion and self esteem have often been misunderstood due to their related soft and indulgent aspects. This phrase can really turn the stomach of Amy Chua, who is the author of the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. This book has really triggered the core aspect of the debate – How Lenient We can be With Kids and Ourselves. However, psychological researches have even suggested that the outcomes of this debate will never win.


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