Gardening, Landscaping and Self Esteem!

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People believe that digging and chopping a lot at the downtown cannot empower the youth and enhance self esteem instantly. However, there is one person who believes that such activities can really add more positivity and an enhanced self esteem level for the whole community. Greg Norris, the chairman of Alton Caring Corps has taken an innovative step to develop Youth Build programs. He also owns the garden property located at the Ridge and United Streets, Alton. He is now targeting the Lewis and Clark Community college students to join the Youth Build Program and planning to use that land one more time. It’s the second time he is using the garden property to develop such a program and trying to develop the self esteem level for these students.

There are 12 participants for the Youth Build programs and they are helping Greg Norris. A student named Willie Beckwith has even told that,” It’s all about gaining leadership skill and developing self esteem”. We are accomplishing such things that make us feel proud. We are learning different aspects about construction and landscaping. We are doing some valuable things for the whole community. We are also doing something really positive for ourselves by nurturing our self esteem and setting a positive standard for others.

The Caring Corps has been considered as a volunteer group that was initiated by Mayor Tom Hoechst during the year 2009. It was created to empower the community through volunteer works. Norris was the first man to join this project along with Randi Randolph and Christine McSwyne. Both volunteers are from Alton.


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