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Personality a lot where self esteem is concerned. Different characteristics determine your self esteem. Being emotionally stable is a sign of high self esteem as well as being friendly to other people. These personality traits bring about joy when one is interacting and helping others. They also enable on to reason well and make informed decisions, having positive thoughts and rational judgment. Other traits are key to low self esteem. Being antisocial, having negative thoughts and having feelings that are easily hurt by others are qualities that show low self esteem in a person. These different personalities affect your self esteem either positively or negatively. Like you may choose to go on bed one hour earlier daily to fulfill you requirement for sleep, you may choose to increase the self esteem just by getting yourself the self esteem coach, and reading the self esteem books and taking the self-esteem course.

On top of the Maslow’s pyramid is need for the self actualisation, that is to become everything you can become. To actualize your potential you MUST have your self esteem. In the same way, you can’t develop your self esteem in case, you have got no food to eat. And you can’t skip to top of the Maslow’s pyramid of the human needs without all of your basic requirements are fulfilled. In case, you would like to live the life to maximum & realize your potential you have to build your self-esteem. Maslow isn’t an only psychologist that has claimed the self esteem being the basic human requirement.

For instance, Max-Neef put the self esteem (with the sense to know oneself & belonging somewhere) as from 9 different human requirements. The self esteem must be taken very seriously. Everyone needs the self esteem. In case, you have the low self-esteem then it means you are deficient in your basic requirements. This can obviously affect the life, like you are tired and irritated while you haven’t eaten for very long time. Good news is you may choose to increase your self-esteem.


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