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Forgiveness is a very important virtue that helps in increasing ones self esteem. When one forgives others, they become relieved of that “thing” that was creating a boundary between them. This way, one is able to gain respect from the other as forgiveness goes a very long way. Without forgiveness, one has very odd and bad feelings that always lead to anger. These feelings are a path to low self esteem, thus, without forgiveness one develops low self esteem. Since forgiveness relieves one from all these disapproving feelings, it brings about a reunion and people become social and happy with each other, which increases self esteem. Forgiveness also improves people’s relationships and makes strong friendships, through which one generates high self esteem.

Group coaching: One more choice for social person who would like to build the self esteem together with the expert and other participants, is the group coaching. The group coaching that is led by the self esteem coach will have same power as the personal coaching and giving social support from many people instead one (coach).

Personal coaching: The personal coaching is your choice in case, you are actually serious & wish to develop your self-esteem. The self-esteem coach can help you find the strengths & point out what you actually want to work on. The self-esteem coach will ask you questions you require to find answers as well as motivation you need.

Self awareness exercises: Developing the self awareness you can raise the self esteem. Meditation is good in case, you wish to develop your self-awareness. You may try yoga and some other type of the martial arts. Practicing these you can probably raise the self esteem without noticing.

Music: Like with the films, music is good & bad for self-esteem. Providing you listen to the songs with the positive lyrics and cheerful songs and relaxing songs, and they can help you build your self esteem. Songs with the positive lyrics are particularly good as they brainwash you with the positive messages of yourself.


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