Self esteem Definition of values a value is the relative worth or importance you place on different elements of life. What you deem important is a value. For example, if you value time with family, then you will make sure you don’t chose a job that requires you to work 60 hours a week. Values form the subset of your total thinking system self esteem building. They affect and determine your identity and self esteem, thoughts, judgments, emotions, beliefs, expectations, attitude, and behavior.

Your values determine all the decisions you make in your life. They will answer the following questions for you; should I go to collage> what major or career should I pursue? Who should I marry? Where should I live? What is moral? What kind of future do I want? Yet, if you are unclear about what you want about your life, you may not get what you want. Self esteem. The first step is knowing wht your values are. The internal influences that help shape our values include the heart, ego, divine being (if you believe in one), our thoughts  and self esteem. Hearth values are championed in many of the major religions. The list below contains many of these heart values the heart does not need to be motivated by anything external and you do not have to be religious to access the heart. People who are religious often believe in a divine being, something more powerful and good than they are. Some people call this nonphysical being ones higher power, god or gods, the life force influenced by this divine being. Self esteem.

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