Stress is a vice that is usually associated with low self esteem. When one is stressed, they develop negative thinking. Negative thinking is commonly associated with low self esteem. This leads a person to the belief that they cannot make it to be successful and cannot come up with anything good. Stress makes a person dumb hindering communication with other people. This results to low self esteem as well. These conditions make one unable to take their opinions into consideration as they term themselves failures in the society. Stress also leads a person to seeing other people as more important than they are and with more capabilities. The tension developed by stress also plays a major role in lowering one’s self esteem.

Teachers didn’t know how they can to teach the self-esteem to the young kids. They did not understand why they were been supposed to teach. Fortunately, the classes were not much. The teachers must get trained in how you can help the students to get higher self-esteem. Also, there must be the self esteem trainers in big companies so the employees will continue for developing the self esteem. This will be the huge investment to schools & companies due to benefits that the higher self-esteem among students & employees will bring. Leaving the people to figure how you can raise the self-esteem themselves is very risky. Whole world will benefit in case, more and more people learnt how you can develop the high self esteem.

The self esteem is the sense of worth, not just in the inner confidence & self respect, however outwardly in actions one actually takes towards contributing to Bottom Line. The employee recognition is been ranked number one motivating factor while it comes about employee motivation in workplace. In case, you would like to maintain the motivated employees, encourage people to do much better, then recognizing them can help to build the self esteem, whereas maintaining the loyal & motivated employee. You might find it very hard to believe, however recognition is most strong employee motivator of as it builds self esteem.