The Struggle of Self-Esteem while Fighting Cancer

Cancer patients have a difficult time as is on a day to day struggle, much less dealing with self esteem issues on top of everything else. When facing cancer and other potentially terminal diseases self esteem is crucial for a patient. There is so much struggle present in beating cancer that a person needs their self esteem and self-worth to get through some of the most difficult times any person could face. Through the struggle of cancer there is also a struggle with image that patients must deal with while fighting cancer. A male cancer patient for example may suffer from changes in mood, as well as other severe physical side effects, such as muscle loss, loss of sexual ability. These things can really harm self-esteem as often times these things are what define the male race. Now however there are places that can help these people rebuild how they view themselves, places such as Loyola’s Coleman Foundation Image Renewal Center, a relaxing place that specifically helps men and women who are recovering from cancer to rebuild themselves. This is very important is it lets the individual rebuild how they view themselves as well as gain the self esteem back that often times is not as present after the struggle with cancer. This development is important with keeping a sense of yourself and how you are doing on certain personal issues that will undoubtedly arise. If it weren’t for centers like this the road through cancer would be even more difficult, and we are all lucky that centers like this for personal self esteem and image recovery are present.

Self Esteem Key to Ending Abuse

Lyndsey Gallant who specializes in dealing with victims of domestic abuse discusses the problems of self-esteem in youngsters being key later on in life. Although self esteem cannot help a person from getting into a relationship, it is very beneficial in the ability for the individual to stand up to someone who is either physically or mentally abusing them. An individual’s self esteem must be developed at an early age and can have limitless pay offs later on in life. Through the progress of developing self esteem an individual realizes self worth, as well as develops how they should be treated. Without these basic standards one could possibly not even realize they are in an abusive relationship. With these basic ideas in one’s mind they can not only recognize the relationship as being bad for them, but also can have an easier time getting out of the relationship entirely. Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that it is extremely difficult to end one, even when it is the best thing to do. Self esteem can assist someone in doing this as it will allow them more ability to stand up for what they are feeling and not to be repressed by someone asserting dominance in an abusive way. Through this simple reasoning it is extremely important for children as well as young adults to not only have the self-esteem but assert it when a situation would require such. There is no compromise when it comes to someone’s well being and abusive relationships are no exception.


Schools Should Build Self-Esteem, Not Tear it Down

During the end of school children are to participate in the end of grade testing, and are told that if they do well they often times will get to participate in a class party of some sort. This type of testing and the way that teachers promote the students passing the exam can truly damage self esteem of the children that do not pass the examination. This is something that simply should not happen, as children often times are very brutal to each other in a class room and can get made fun of for pretty much anything. When a student would not pass this test it would surely damage this student’s self esteem, which in a grade school setting should never happen. It is the responsibility of the student to learn what they can, and ask for help if they don’t understand something. While it is the teachers job to teach the student, this would require building a student’s self esteem and making them feel they can succeed. Examinations like this where the teacher throws a party for the students that pass, while the others that don’t get absolutely nothing really is damaging to self esteem. Teachers should help the students that do not pass that way they will be able to succeed in the future, isn’t that what a teachers job is supposed to consist of? Children will also get made fun of for not being at the grand ole party for those that pass, grades should be kept individual and private as some people are naturally more talented in certain subjects than others, celebrations like these should not be allowed and certainly shouldn’t be promoted by the teachers.


Learning Life Lessons, Self Esteem at Northville Dance Studio

This example of how children can gain self esteem is a strong one. Showing that simple, yet enjoyable, tasks such as dancing instill required confidence in children from a young age. The girl who specifically shares her story shows that in school she is not nervous about speaking in front of her class giving presentations, as she has been dancing in front of hundreds of strangers for a long time now. This sense of self-esteem is something that all children should have, as it will allow them to both excel in school, as well as later on in a job field. After school activities such as these have several other valuable benefits other than self esteem which is a major building block for children’s future. The skills that benefit children can be limitless, children invest in their health through physical activities as well as allow children the abilities to give back to their communities. These skills that children can develop at a very early age through dance, and other things of that nature, allows kids to develop their future. Such things as dance majors at universities would often times not be possible without the self esteem and early skill building that these after school activities allow for children. These activities also allow any at risk youth to keep away from trouble at a difficult age and to stay off the streets at the same time. The benefits of the self esteem and skills for your children through these activities are absolutely limitless and should never be overlooked.

Help Your Kids Build Self-Esteem

The Neha Foundations centre for self-development and parental counseling founded by Psychologist Sumathi Chandrasekaran is hosting a very interesting program open for young people. This program is aimed at allowing children for a fun environment to build self esteem among other things that they will value in their future. The ages for the training program range from 14-20 years old, meaning it isn’t just for youngsters but for people who are at an age where their self esteem is everything. The goal of the workshop and training seminar is to give young people a leg up on things such as interviews and other future opportunities in education as well as job fields. The lessons learned are absolutely invaluable for children’s future. The importance for children to have self esteem are extreme, as it is something that will always effect your child. Everything from interaction with friends, to how well the individual works with others comes down in essence to a persons’ self esteem. This issue also ties into the educational ability of your child as well due to the fact that without positive self esteem it is much easier for anyone to fail in a classroom setting. Parents should consider a course like this for their young adult as the opportunities that can be generated from it are absolutely endless. Self esteem is absolutely everything in the real world and children everywhere no matter what age need that to be successful at whatever their dream may be. Parents keep your minds open and take advantage of opportunities like this for your child.


Giving Back Gives You Self-Esteem?

A new study conducted by NYU is showing that people who do things for others actually have higher self esteem than those who do not. The study is very interesting in the sense that it asks you how you feel about yourself, as well as how you feel about doing things for others. The complete study asked the 700 participants to engage in positive activities for others every day of the survey for about 15 minutes. Now that may not seem like much time at all, but it is amazing to see how 15 minutes dedicated to someone else who may be less fortunate can actually improve your mental health as well as increase your self esteem. The process is very interesting in essence that most people do not make a correlation between doing good for others, and feeling better about yourself. However, this is as this study has shown a very interesting point that if you help others in essence you are truly helping yourself. The combination and mental issues that are involved is as to be expected rather complex, but the point being that doing the good for others will increase your own confidence as well as your self esteem. This is very important as most people understand that how you view yourself and your self esteem really influence how your able to do things in the future. Every one of these aspects is very important to a person’s future, and it goes to show you that if you help others you truly are helping yourself at the same time.

Baker County Implements New Sex Ed. Focused on Self-Esteem

The Baker County School District has implemented a new type of sexual education for students focusing primarily on abstinence as well as self esteem. This new program is designed to influence individuals to make better choices through promoting self esteem. It has been shown that people with higher self-esteem do not make decisions that could be destructive to their future. This premise is thorough and concise enough to be developed into a new type of program that will hope to drop the teen pregnancy levels at this high school. The program is required for all freshman ninth graders to take and will allow them something that many later students wish they had access to. The beginning of high school is a difficult time for teenagers, they are uncertain of themselves in many cases and are trying to develop the person that they will be. An education program like this that will focus on an individual’s self esteem is very important at a very important time in these youngster’s lives. Education programs like this one that promote good decisions through sexual education is very important and as social times are changing it is getting even more important to educate individuals at a younger age. The promotion of these forms of education that focus on an individual’s self esteem is just as valuable as focusing on sexual education as the tools taken from these programs will turn out to be absolutely invaluable for an individual later on in life.