Learning Life Lessons, Self Esteem at Northville Dance Studio

This example of how children can gain self esteem is a strong one. Showing that simple, yet enjoyable, tasks such as dancing instill required confidence in children from a young age. The girl who specifically shares her story shows that in school she is not nervous about speaking in front of her class giving presentations, as she has been dancing in front of hundreds of strangers for a long time now. This sense of self-esteem is something that all children should have, as it will allow them to both excel in school, as well as later on in a job field. After school activities such as these have several other valuable benefits other than self esteem which is a major building block for children’s future. The skills that benefit children can be limitless, children invest in their health through physical activities as well as allow children the abilities to give back to their communities. These skills that children can develop at a very early age through dance, and other things of that nature, allows kids to develop their future. Such things as dance majors at universities would often times not be possible without the self esteem and early skill building that these after school activities allow for children. These activities also allow any at risk youth to keep away from trouble at a difficult age and to stay off the streets at the same time. The benefits of the self esteem and skills for your children through these activities are absolutely limitless and should never be overlooked.

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