In psychology, self esteem reflects on a person’s overall view and evaluation of his/her own worth. Self esteem comprises beliefs and emotional actions like desperation, pride and shame. It could also be distinguished by the concept of how an individual thinks about themselves. However, this can be in a positive or negative aspect.

Self-esteem can be applicable to particular individuals or it can be of a global scope and extent. Usually it is regarded as an endurance of personal characteristics and it’s normal with short-lived variations.
Other names used to define self esteem include: self-regard, self-worth, self-respect or self-integrity. According to some scientific researches definition, self esteem is the desire or instinct of promoting one’s own being.

And it put things in the perspective & helped me be present & available throughout rest of my day. Recovering from the low self-esteem is achievable. According to the science we shed & recreate cells of body. Each 7 years, on the cellular level we are the new person! In case, you have the low self esteem, then you might have depression. Speaking with the therapist will as well help. Lots of other actions are also helpful like spending time outdoors, exercise, changing diet being organic & whole foods based. Recovery procedure will feel like “2 step”-2 steps forward, and 1 step back.

There are days when you might feel as if you have made not any progress. Be very gentle with yourself and it takes little time to retrain thought & behavior pattern, however I am living proof it is likely & worth an effort. Some techniques of raising self esteem are simple and some are very hard. Some are fun and some boring. Why not to select the simple and fun methods of raising the self esteem? In case, you would like to have the high self-esteem, then try to have a smile on your face every time. Smiles are magical and think about it, some things are contagious as the smile. Smile is as well best universally understood symbol of happiness and good feeling generally. So, what is the low self esteem anyway? That doesn’t explain person who is very good in everything however is not happy with the appearance. Is it lack of the social interaction skills, as there are a few people that are life of party however cannot get up & speak in front of the crowd.

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