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Self esteem and health determine ones overall outcome. In this case, low self esteem goes with poor health while good health is vital for high self esteem. On the other hand, self esteem and health are determined by exercises you take. Exercising ensures that one is healthy and fit. Exercises do away with stress, which is a factor of low self esteem. Emotional strength is attained through exercising. This emotional strength makes one have positive thinking and that leads to healthy judgment of outcome which leads one to success. Exercises as well decrease chances of some diseases which have great connection to depression and stress. This increases self esteem and the health of an individual. Self esteem, health and exercising go hand in hand for a better you.

Often they are unhappy, withdrawn or aggressive. This people has difficulty acknowledging good aspects about themselves –they all will see is negative. They look at what they cannot do and are not very good, and if ever, celebrate what they have done very well. They think about themselves and they are resilient, they appear to bounce back from setback fast & easily.

What makes Self-Esteem?

The Self-Esteem is actually made up of 3 components and they are: Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, & Self-Worth. At fast glance, these 3 components appear to be very different methods to say the same thing. However, each is different. The Self-Love is an ability to be very kind & loving to one self. It binds the Self-Acceptance & Self-Worth together & gives us the Self-Esteem. It is important to having the great Self-Esteem & I can discuss in depth below. The Self-Acceptance is an ability to acknowledge strengths & weaknesses as well as accept them equally valid parts of self. The Self-Worth is how useful, valuable, and worthwhile we view to our self – it is measure we actually use to decide if our contribution to the society may have meaning. Now as we have defined what the Self-Esteem is –good and bad, we may answer question of ‘Why it is very important?’

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