Self Esteem Key to Ending Abuse

Lyndsey Gallant who specializes in dealing with victims of domestic abuse discusses the problems of self-esteem in youngsters being key later on in life. Although self esteem cannot help a person from getting into a relationship, it is very beneficial in the ability for the individual to stand up to someone who is either physically or mentally abusing them. An individual’s self esteem must be developed at an early age and can have limitless pay offs later on in life. Through the progress of developing self esteem an individual realizes self worth, as well as develops how they should be treated. Without these basic standards one could possibly not even realize they are in an abusive relationship. With these basic ideas in one’s mind they can not only recognize the relationship as being bad for them, but also can have an easier time getting out of the relationship entirely. Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that it is extremely difficult to end one, even when it is the best thing to do. Self esteem can assist someone in doing this as it will allow them more ability to stand up for what they are feeling and not to be repressed by someone asserting dominance in an abusive way. Through this simple reasoning it is extremely important for children as well as young adults to not only have the self-esteem but assert it when a situation would require such. There is no compromise when it comes to someone’s well being and abusive relationships are no exception.


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