Self Esteem and Modern Technology!

Self worth is the assurance and pleasure in oneself as defined by Webster’s dictionary. According to the term self esteem has directly associated to the amount of faith one has in himself or herself. Self esteem can be affected by numbers of facts such as spouse, children, peers and performance. A person’s self esteem is frequently in his or her childhood at the very first influence. As soon as younger gets into school their self assurance developed with the influence of other children. These early years generally suggests how self esteem the child should be in his or her future life.

Research shows that technology can also play a vital role in people’s self esteem. The over use of technology has an adverse impact on individual’s self confidence. However, the best way to improve self esteem is always to get physically socialize. Excessive use of technology can become an individual overly introverted rather than properly extroverted. The usage of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can improve a person’s self esteem in a great way. Facebook is a website which is always staying connected socially and offers a sense of empowerment to the individuals. However, the self worth sill inevitably start to suffer once the technology becomes a substitute for interpersonal interaction.

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