Self Esteem Your Inner Child

Overcoming negative attitudes toward your inner child

Self esteem: A basic truth is that you tend to treat your own inner child in much the same way that your parents treated you as a child. For better or worse, you internalize your parents attitudes and behaviors. If they were overly critical toward you, you likely grew up overly self critical, especially of your “childish” or less rational, impulsive side. If they neglected you, you likely grew up tending to ignore or neglect the needs of your own inner child. If they were too busy for you as a child, you’re likely to be too busy for your inner child as an adult. If they abused you, you may have become self destructive as an adult or else many be abusive of other. If your parents placed a taboo on acknowledging and expressing your feelings and impulses, you may have grown up denying your feelings. The list goes on. To cultivate a healing, caring relationship with your own inner child – to become a good parent to yourself – you need to overcome any internalized parental attitudes that cause you to criticize, abuse, neglect or deny the needs and feelings of your child within.

This can affect your self esteem greatly resulting in further damage to personal and family relationships.

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  • some times it just hard to act “childish” when you cant get out of bed… whats the point when everything ends… any advice?

  • I feel the same way a lot of times….what is the point of anything when we all just end up dead. Sometimes I just feel like I’m waiting to die.

  • This is where a belief system comes into play and I am not necessarily talking about being religious. People who have an idea of what they think happens after life are more comfortable with accepting death. I suggest doing some research and soul searching to see what you believe in. Once you find a belief, you can spend more time focused on living in the present. Yes, easier said than done. It’s also possible that people use “what’s the point, we’re just going to die anyway” as an excuse to not do anything with their lives. You decide how you want to live your life and you decide what is going to happen when you die.

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