Accomplish great things with self esteem!

Self-esteem is an internal power of human being. There are also people who have organized assortment recreational or dangerous activities for helping others to increase their self-esteem.  Mt. Pleasant has hosted the annual event for “Girl on the Run” at Island Park. In this event, more than hundreds of girls have participated. This event has been associated with 5K, and it starts at 9:30 am. Mr. Jen Crawford is the council director for Girls on the Run of Gratiot and Isabella Countries. Crawford said that coaches and open division participants can also join this program. It is nationally known as an after-school event that specially uses the internal power of running to assist girls for a healthy living, self-respect. It has been specially organized for enhancing the self esteem.

Mr. Jen Crawford said that “Girls on the Run” event is fully loaded with difficult activities. By participates this event, girls can increase their self esteem power. It is very essential to take a healthy decision for your life.  It has been expected that more than 900 girls will participate in this event. It is the best event to enhance their self-esteem as well as make the girls feel strong. This program will continue for 10 weeks. Each week this event will boast one lesson. Every lesson will be incorporated with physical activities. Now, you can join this program for increasing your self-esteem eventually.


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