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Self esteem when we take the time to become clearer about our values, we then become clearer about our life decisions. By responding to the following four questions, one is well on his/her way to a more meaningful life and self esteem; I  who am i? (identity), where am I going? (direction), why am I going there? (purpose), and how will I get there? (strategy), many people today are miserable, unhappy, and confused as a result of bad decisions based  on outer gain, self-gratification, or their wontedness. Self esteem. The following statistics exemplify this. Over 50% of people indicate that they wish they were in another job; over 50% of students are in the wrong major. So why do we make these poor choices and decisions? It does not help that we are living in a society that brainwashes us into thinking that true happiness, self esteem, and sparkling health are attained by something outside of ourselves – a product, a service or an expert. Advertisements, doctors, movies, songs, magazines, television, and radio are all scrambling to get you to believe that their viewpoint or product is best for you. We are bombarded with the “you would be happy if” advertisements to build self esteem. Many people fall into the philosophical I’ll trap of, “if you had more money, material possessions, fame, etc., I’d be happy” you may get the hot sports car, but you wake up the next morning and say, “I’m still a miserable person but with a really great car.” So, what good is it? Its as if we had an electrical plug and determine that if we stick the plug into a certain food, person, drink or product we could be happy with great self esteem. However research shows that our attitude even after traumatic or exciting events like winning the lottery, basically stays the same a few months after such an event. So regardless of outside circumstances, we need  to take the plug and insert it into the inner selves if we to obtain an empowered self with great self esteem.

Maintaining your Self Esteem

Maintaining your self esteem isn’t easy, life slowly unfolds in a way where we cant always see the future. Yet, when were open to learning and growing, we can find meaning and insightful reasons why things have happened to us in the past. Self esteem, purpose, and identity you have now can be much different five years from now. Instead of clinging to a certain way of thinking about yourself, its critical to continually reinvent yourself if you are to develop yourself and your life. Life goals are not set once and for all. Over time, as you do this work, answer to the following questions will often be different: “who am i?” what do I stand for? Where am I going? How do I get there?

This will help you answer some of these self esteem related questions. It helps you to do so by getting you to examine the following: your core values; thoughts on human nature and behavior; sources of your fears and motivations; personality characteristics; career interests; personal abilities, talents, aptitudes and skills; self-reflective exercises; self esteem maintenance. family expectations; your relationships with friends, parents and siblings; cultural upbringing; dating experiences; gender roles; the values you place on marriage and children; religious views; sources of meaning in your life; critical turning points; how you see yourself and others; kind of life you want; and goals you’d like to achieve in relation to self esteem.

Self Esteem, Shaping an Identity

Welcome to our Self Esteem community. Part of shaping an identity and increasing self esteem requires an active search in trying to find your place in the world. In our culture that programs its citizens to believe that the answers to building self esteem and key life questions and finding peace of mind as well as bliss are out there in some service, person or product. Will you show the courage it takes to realize that it is an inside job?

Increase self-awareness about self esteem by clarifying your personal qualities, preferences, abilities, talents, accomplishments, knowledge, and experiences to better understand who you are. When we don’t take the time to be self-aware (reflect on our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, values and self esteem), our struggles and pain repeat themselves in an endless circle trashing our self esteem along the way. We then make bad decisions that affect every aspect of our lives. Most people use only their external cues and senses (seeing, hearing, touching) to make the key decisions in their life and their feelings of Self esteem. Yet, most trying to hit a baseball with one hand, they are only using half their abilities. Intuition and self esteem are your inner senses of perception. Reflection are your inner senses of perception. They are the inner cues for self esteem that usually give us very accurate feedback when we ned insight for making important decisions. For example, if you are in the midst of making a decision and you feel a sense of heaviness, warning or fear, you  might need to slow down in order to delay a decision or to gain more information.

It Prevents a Person from Doing a Big Mistake!

If you are doing a big mistake, or you have performed certain illegal behavior that can possibly hurt others, then never blame your self esteem for this. Often people use to do the same when they are behaving in a wrong way. There is absolutely nothing to do with the self esteem in such cases. It cannot contribute or propel you to behave badly that use to hurt others. Instead of that you should look at the circumstances that have forced or propelled you to do so. In this way, you can eliminate this issue further and can make your life beautiful.

However, what in case, kid has the poor self esteem? In place of feeling safe over the other children, low self esteem kid feels awkward, nervous & like he does not fit in.  Other children sense this & think he is very ‘shy’ and ‘different’.  He does not bond with other kids & is alone that makes him MORE insecure & lowers the self-esteem still.  Eventually as other kids progress, date, form cliques, socialize outside school… low self esteem child, which was not able to connect in beginning is to shut out of this.  He is actually left behind developmentally & not corrected in right time will go onto scar child in adulthood. The self esteem is all that you have – and what are you worth? How you calculate this? Self worth is the combination of self esteem, confidence & self respect.

The self esteem is the internal sense of the worth. It actually reflects the inner confidence & self respect. The self esteem outwardly shines & is been demonstrated by actions that one takes. Internal self worth that consists of the self esteem, confidence and respect, may get external net worth. While comparing the individuals with weak self esteem to people with the strong one, and what are obvious differences? Does this play very important role? Obviously, it does. The self esteem is essence of the personality, as well as is been reflected in self worth & net worth.

Look for Self Esteem Books!

These days more and more people are realizing the significance of self esteem and for such reason more and more books of self esteem are selling in the market.  There are quite a few verities of self esteem books available in the market, so you need to know what type of self esteem books you are searching for. Most of the books are packed with valuable information regarding self esteem. Such books are ideal for you when you are looking to motivate yourself. From such books you can find what is self esteem and how can it affect your life. It also keeps you doing something, which you may actually do successfully.

Keep in mind, in case, you have the low self esteem, then you must try, if possible, and overcoming it when possible. You might not discover what you may do in case, you have confidence. The self esteem is important in one’s life. It also determines what individual will do and how they will perform. The self esteem means how the person views himself. Person with high self-esteem might be successful in their life. People who have the high self esteem actually trust themselves so they will get job done. But, not everyone trust themselves & capabilities. The self esteem is how actually one views himself, negatively and positively. The low self esteem may prevent you to show the real potential.

The people have low self esteem. You most likely not see it however low self esteem can eventually take the toll on you. In case, you have the low self esteem, you will be noticed easily. In case, you aren’t very sure why, let the following descriptions shed light. Generally, you think about yourself as somebody who is shy and quiet for majority of time, at times to point you think that you are lowest of low. You don’t think in raw talents and on things that you may accomplish, and you only stay quiet although you know, and deep down in heart of hearts, which you may do it.


Culture plays a significant role in our self esteem. The various beliefs and myths associated with different cultures of the earth influences our self esteem. Culture determines how one is brought up and what they grow up believing. Some cultures, unlike others, encourage such things as education which affects self esteem both positively and negatively. Some of the things involved with different cultures are what determine how one controls their self esteem. The western culture is mostly based on many activities that go hand in hand with the evolution that brings across individual enhancement, which is important for self esteem. These activities involved in different cultures lead to their roles on self esteem. The employee self esteem begins from the external recognition & when accepted as to be sincere it builds the self esteem from inside that translates in the external actions and leading to the bottom line results.

The people do in the way that is very consistent with how they actually see themselves conceptually. Thus key is helping the people to build the self esteem. This is foundation of the employee retention motivation & loyalty. Not like money that is the external motivator & not lasting, and ones self- esteem is completely internal, and the internal motivation is lasting. To build the healthy esteem one requires recognition & praise, from one’s self & from others. You may help to build somebody’s self esteem & self motivation by recognition, however as well through advancement & responsibility where person will get the sense of achievement & personal growth. Problem is in today’s society we are actually deprived of the positive feedback.

Recognition, compliments, as well as praise aren’t a part of day to day culture. And for a few reasons, lots of people find this difficult to give the compliments, praise and recognition. It does nothing for self esteem. My thought is it is very hard to give out something that you do not need to give. How you can give somebody else the compliment in case, you cannot compliment yourself?



The internet is a vessel that may shape your self esteem, positively or negatively. The internet is the simplest and easiest way to convey information to many people around the globe. Self esteem and the internet in most cases is the positive side of our lives. Much information from the internet concerning self esteem is usually positive and thus helps us develop our self esteem. Millions of healthy topics on our health and self esteem are found on the internet. The internet also provides resources like books and references that help us shape our thinking and judgment calls to constructive self esteem. Through the internet, we learn the various weaknesses and strengths that are associated with self esteem.

Why is building the self esteem by recognition very important?

While somebody gives you the compliment and recognizes you to do something, how you feel? Imagine, for the moment, to be complimented by your family, friends, customers and staff every day. What will it do to the self-esteem, self confidence & self respect, and finally self-worth – bottom line? By building self esteem by recognition is the positive reinforcement. The positive reinforcement of the actions gets these actions repeated. The recognition & praise reinforces our thoughts about ourselves & helps to make us think that we are better we thought what we were. This is how you can build employee the self-esteem. The employee motivation is very positive reinforcement. The positive reinforcements are what builds self-esteem. Self-esteem is a way we see & feel about ourselves internally, through our beliefs and externally by what we accept as beliefs of people. In case, we feel very good about ourselves as well as we think others feel very good about us, and we do better than we will while we see opposite side of coin. Research has actually shown there is the stronger requirement in the society now for recognition (and building one’s self-esteem) there is for money an sex. That says something to build the self esteem & employee motivation.



Stress is a vice that is usually associated with low self esteem. When one is stressed, they develop negative thinking. Negative thinking is commonly associated with low self esteem. This leads a person to the belief that they cannot make it to be successful and cannot come up with anything good. Stress makes a person dumb hindering communication with other people. This results to low self esteem as well. These conditions make one unable to take their opinions into consideration as they term themselves failures in the society. Stress also leads a person to seeing other people as more important than they are and with more capabilities. The tension developed by stress also plays a major role in lowering one’s self esteem.

Teachers didn’t know how they can to teach the self-esteem to the young kids. They did not understand why they were been supposed to teach. Fortunately, the classes were not much. The teachers must get trained in how you can help the students to get higher self-esteem. Also, there must be the self esteem trainers in big companies so the employees will continue for developing the self esteem. This will be the huge investment to schools & companies due to benefits that the higher self-esteem among students & employees will bring. Leaving the people to figure how you can raise the self-esteem themselves is very risky. Whole world will benefit in case, more and more people learnt how you can develop the high self esteem.

The self esteem is the sense of worth, not just in the inner confidence & self respect, however outwardly in actions one actually takes towards contributing to Bottom Line. The employee recognition is been ranked number one motivating factor while it comes about employee motivation in workplace. In case, you would like to maintain the motivated employees, encourage people to do much better, then recognizing them can help to build the self esteem, whereas maintaining the loyal & motivated employee. You might find it very hard to believe, however recognition is most strong employee motivator of as it builds self esteem.



A healthy self esteem means that you have joy in you, you are able to handle any situation confidently and in a polite manner as you are able to make prominent decisions on your own, you feel loved, cared for, appreciated and accepted by others. Also you learn to appreciate your work and the other workers. By doing so you will have created good relationships with other members in the society that will lead to a good and happy life. By you feeling valued you will have the opportunity to make positive changes in the community since you have that potential. So when you have a positive self esteem you are likely to improve your life quality.

The self esteem is choice that we make and choice many times in a day. You might say, however I am very shy, or I am not very pretty, or I cannot think very fast, or no one thinks I may do that. But, by making the comments, you have actually made your choice & you have selected low self esteem. It bears repeating, choice is yours and you may select the high self esteem, and you may select low self esteem. Still, you are same person doesn’t matter which selection you make, it doesn’t change. But, your selection of self esteem makes the huge difference. It actually means everything to future. In case, you select high self esteem, then you may have everything that your heart desires. In case, you select low self esteem, then you get nothing.

So, why not select high self esteem? It is actually the no brainer, isn’t this? I want you perform the small exercise. In case, , all life, you have selected low self esteem, for only one moment just look back like you had selected high self esteem. And we have heard never-ending talk on Self-Esteem & generally we have agreed that it is very important. Thus, how come it is the epidemic of the low Self Esteem infecting society, especially our youth today?


Low self esteem should be avoided at any cost. It leads to one underestimating themselves and hinders them from trying different things. As a way to improve your self esteem, it is good to commend yourself everyday in everything you do. This should be accompanied by listing some events that made you smile before retiring to bed. Another way is to stop underestimating your capabilities, your look or your background. Instead of spending time thinking of such things that will never change, it is better to look at the positive things in your life. Increasing self esteem also requires you not to listen to others discouraging words. You should always take such comments lightly and live like at peace.

Here are some tips, which have actually helped me out.

1. Find out something you like of yourself. Let us say you hate your own body not a great place for self esteem. Find one very important thing that you may truly say that you like about your body. And for me, I have learned to like my wrists- and they are thin & delicate. Eventually, I started to feel more and more self esteem of the appreciation for other area of my body & I value my good health.

2. Look at what is going well and what you are doing right. And nothing is ever black & white. Fine, let us say you have got no job, home, friends, and poor health, & no income or money. You are helping planet by release of the carbon dioxides that feeds plants. Even though you get fired from the job, look what self esteem you do well when you were employed & focus on that. In case, you have the job, which you hate, then at least you are working, and going through fourth divorce, you are keen to get involved with other human being. Look what you are learning and when you are feeling bad about yourself, then write the list of accomplishments. List mus include everything that you have done & ways that you have helped others. The items on list do not have to be big. Maybe you got the newspaper to disabled neighbor, did not scream at husband while you wanted to, self esteem got lots of filing done in work, and helped your son to pick out the shirt…write this down. Whenever the list is complete, then you have to read it to the trusted friend.