Maintaining your Self Esteem

Maintaining your self esteem isn’t easy, life slowly unfolds in a way where we cant always see the future. Yet, when were open to learning and growing, we can find meaning and insightful reasons why things have happened to us in the past. Self esteem, purpose, and identity you have now can be much different five years from now. Instead of clinging to a certain way of thinking about yourself, its critical to continually reinvent yourself if you are to develop yourself and your life. Life goals are not set once and for all. Over time, as you do this work, answer to the following questions will often be different: “who am i?” what do I stand for? Where am I going? How do I get there?

This will help you answer some of these self esteem related questions. It helps you to do so by getting you to examine the following: your core values; thoughts on human nature and behavior; sources of your fears and motivations; personality characteristics; career interests; personal abilities, talents, aptitudes and skills; self-reflective exercises; self esteem maintenance. family expectations; your relationships with friends, parents and siblings; cultural upbringing; dating experiences; gender roles; the values you place on marriage and children; religious views; sources of meaning in your life; critical turning points; how you see yourself and others; kind of life you want; and goals you’d like to achieve in relation to self esteem.

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