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Self esteem when we take the time to become clearer about our values, we then become clearer about our life decisions. By responding to the following four questions, one is well on his/her way to a more meaningful life and self esteem; I  who am i? (identity), where am I going? (direction), why am I going there? (purpose), and how will I get there? (strategy), many people today are miserable, unhappy, and confused as a result of bad decisions based  on outer gain, self-gratification, or their wontedness. Self esteem. The following statistics exemplify this. Over 50% of people indicate that they wish they were in another job; over 50% of students are in the wrong major. So why do we make these poor choices and decisions? It does not help that we are living in a society that brainwashes us into thinking that true happiness, self esteem, and sparkling health are attained by something outside of ourselves – a product, a service or an expert. Advertisements, doctors, movies, songs, magazines, television, and radio are all scrambling to get you to believe that their viewpoint or product is best for you. We are bombarded with the “you would be happy if” advertisements to build self esteem. Many people fall into the philosophical I’ll trap of, “if you had more money, material possessions, fame, etc., I’d be happy” you may get the hot sports car, but you wake up the next morning and say, “I’m still a miserable person but with a really great car.” So, what good is it? Its as if we had an electrical plug and determine that if we stick the plug into a certain food, person, drink or product we could be happy with great self esteem. However research shows that our attitude even after traumatic or exciting events like winning the lottery, basically stays the same a few months after such an event. So regardless of outside circumstances, we need  to take the plug and insert it into the inner selves if we to obtain an empowered self with great self esteem.

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