Welcome to our Self Esteem community. Part of shaping an identity and increasing self esteem requires an active search in trying to find your place in the world. In our culture that programs its citizens to believe that the answers to building self esteem and key life questions and finding peace of mind as well as bliss are out there in some service, person or product. Will you show the courage it takes to realize that it is an inside job?

Increase self-awareness about self esteem by clarifying your personal qualities, preferences, abilities, talents, accomplishments, knowledge, and experiences to better understand who you are. When we don’t take the time to be self-aware (reflect on our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, values and self esteem), our struggles and pain repeat themselves in an endless circle trashing our self esteem along the way. We then make bad decisions that affect every aspect of our lives. Most people use only their external cues and senses (seeing, hearing, touching) to make the key decisions in their life and their feelings of Self esteem. Yet, most trying to hit a baseball with one hand, they are only using half their abilities. Intuition and self esteem are your inner senses of perception. Reflection are your inner senses of perception. They are the inner cues for self esteem that usually give us very accurate feedback when we ned insight for making important decisions. For example, if you are in the midst of making a decision and you feel a sense of heaviness, warning or fear, you  might need to slow down in order to delay a decision or to gain more information.

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