Put a Pep in Your Step – A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

Newton’s Law of Motion states, “…a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.”

Why You Should Get Up

You are sitting at home thinking about getting up and doing something. Maybe a walk. Oh man, but that takes work. That might be a little tough. You start to click through channels on TV and find something slightly entertaining. Maybe you are scrolling through your social media. What is Becky up to? Oh, she’s out hiking again. You wish you had time for that, right? You decide you will make time.  But, you never get up. Another article, story or funny cat video catches your interest.

I mean, getting up and moving is the hard part. Exercise for the body or mind is not always fun. It takes effort. You live a busy life and are exhausted. I get it. Exercising is not glamorous. There are so many things you can be doing instead of getting up and moving.

On the other hand, you want to live a happier and healthier life, right? Good thing getting up and moving will increase your quality of life. Taking a walk is known to help with the following; blood pressure, weight management, mental health, creativity, fatigue and even strengthen muscles and bones. Just walking can make you live longer.

According to the Mayo Clinic Fitness, Department of Health and Human Services take at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity. The guidelines suggest that you spread out this exercise over a week.

That is only 22 minutes a day 7 days a week. Maybe you want to work less but with the same results. That is 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This is a little bit of change for major results.

How to Get in Motion

It’s easy to sit around and do nothing. Just do nothing. What is hard is to actually get up. Some recommend ‘baby steps’ to get started. Baby steps help you to start off slow and, with time, increase the length or intensity.

One way to start walking regularly at longer intervals is to start slow. Start with a steady walk around the block every day. Do this for a week or two. Then, switch it up and add an extra block to your current routine. Make sure to keep this going. By adding extra blocks you will help increase your ability to get moving even more.

If you start to feel bored or uninterested with your walks, change it up. You will see things from the reverse perspective you had seen in your previous walks.

This method is true with any workouts. You could apply this to weight lifting. Start with lighter weights. Keep with the same weight until they feel too light. Once this happens, you can increase the weight by small increments until it is easier to lift. Over time you will be able to lift heavier and heavier. Find what makes you happy so you enjoy your exercise.

Ideas for Sedentary Jobs

Maybe you work at a job where you sit all day. Sitting at a desk all day is very bad for your health and circulation. You must make sure you make to for yourself and your health. Some may find it hard to get even a little exercise at their jobs.

Breaks are a good time to get a little exercise in. What some people have been known to do is during your breaks, you can go for a walk for 5-15 minutes. If this is the most you can do, it is still a great start.

If you are looking for something to do from your desk, there are many different ideas available online; chair dips, desk lunges, squats, standing, stretching, desk dancing, walking in place and more.

Forming Good Habits

According to James Clear, a Behavioral Psychologist, it takes about 66 days to form a habit. A good technique in building a habit to keep moving is to create goals. Just like anything else, baby steps. Start with a small goal. Maybe you want to finish your walk in less than 30 minutes but not cut it short. Try picking up the pace and beating your previous time.

Understand that you are not perfect. Nor is anyone else. Everyone has their own struggles. The trick is to not let your troubles weigh you down and force you to quit. Keep that pep in your step. Keep your body in motion.

Getting off Course

Remember what newton said? “A body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.” You can be that force. You can affect the motion in a positive way by causing it to accelerate and work harder. Making positive changes to increase the motion you are making. Then again, you can also be the wall that completely stops your movement.

Sometimes we find ourselves straying off course. We find that we have something taking away our time from our self-care. So, we put it off until tomorrow. Well, this might lead to putting it off the next day. Next thing you know, it has been a week or a month and you have completely broken your habit.

We all lose track sometimes. This happens a lot. We start doubting ourselves. We begin giving into temptations. All of a sudden, we are back at point A. Do not beat yourself up. Keep a positive attitude and hop right back in. Remember, you are not the only person struggling. But, you can only control yourself and your own mindset.

You have the ability to affect your movement in a positive or negative way. Don’t be the brick wall standing in your own way. Be the force to keeps the body moving in a straight line, or better yet, an upward path!

If it has been a while since you ‘fell off’, start at a comfortable pace. You do not want to start at the walk around the block, but you also do not want to become overwhelmed. Find a comfortable new starting point. This can seem difficult but it will help your body get back in motion.

Try to pinpoint what knocked you off track. Work on fixing the problem. Try and set new realistic goals with realistic timelines. Small goals equal success. It is okay to have an ending goal or big goals. But, it is important to also have small goals to help add to your positive mindset. Keep that pep in your step!


level of self esteem

How Much Is Too Much: How to Figure out Your Level of Self Esteem

Your self-esteem is more than just a meaningless term thrown around by psychologists. Self-esteem is the set of beliefs about oneself that people use to understand their role in the world. A person’s self-esteem affects how they think about themselves, what they’re capable of, and who they are.

If a person’s self-esteem is extremely low, they can miss out on important opportunities throughout their lives. Instead of believing that they are worth taking opportunities, people with low self-esteem may instead let them pass by. If it’s extremely low, a person’s self-esteem will perpetuate negative thought patterns. This is because people simply may not believe they are worth better.

However, extremely high levels of self-esteem can also leave a person feeling isolated and alone. They may seem arrogant or cocky, and people may start avoiding them. In response, a person may believe they intimidate people and that there is nothing wrong with them.

Knowing the difference, and understanding the importance of having healthy self-esteem, can lead to a better life. Keep reading below to learn more about self-esteem, and how you can tell if your level of self esteem is healthy.

Different Factors Determine Your Level of Self Esteem

While some people innately form and maintain healthy beliefs about themselves, most people can’t. For most people, the beliefs they have about themselves come from a variety of sources.

For example, a person may have low self-esteem if they can’t relate to normal perceptions of beauty. If someone is large and dark-haired, and media messages suggest that only thin, blonde people are beautiful, then they won’t feel beautiful. It can follow that if someone doesn’t believe they’re beautiful, they’re not worthy of being loved.

Media messages may shape a person’s beliefs about themselves. Yet, so can someone’s different experiences and the people around them. If their friends avoid them or are usually worried about them, someone may start to believe there’s something wrong with them.

These external factors work together to form the most important factor affecting self-esteem: their internal thoughts. Information from the outside world directly shapes how people think about themselves. If those outside influences can form negative thought patterns, then those they will only chip away at a person’s self-esteem. 

Low Self-Esteem Is More Than Just Feeling Bad

A person with low levels of self-esteem doesn’t just feel sad for a few days. Instead, they can feel trapped and desperate, while also feeling inadequate and unworthy of basic needs. It may seem like they’re just sad, but in reality, they are stuck in a loop of mental anguish.

For example, a person with low self-esteem may believe they don’t deserve to eat a meal, even if they are hungry. This may lead to them starving themselves, which leads to worse self-beliefs, since they may think they’re incapable of taking care of themselves. Negative beliefs feed into each other, and will only ever make things worse.

It’s healthy to believe that you should lose an extra 10 pounds, or save more money. It’s healthy to withhold the things someone may enjoy from themselves if it’s out of self-love. It’s fine to skip a meal if someone wants to lose an extra 10 pounds and are following a healthy weight-loss regiment.

However, it becomes unhealthy when a person withholds things out of a sense of self-loathing. If someone skips a meal because they believe they don’t deserve it, that can be a sign of a serious mental health issue.

The best way to care for someone you think may be suffering from a low level of self-esteem is to remind them they’re valuable. Reiterating how much a person means to their friends and family may break negative thought cycles. It can break the negative loop someone may feel trapped in.

Self-Esteem Can Be Too High, Not Just Too Low

Just like how people can ensnare themselves in negative thought patterns, they can be trapped in positive ones too. These thought patterns boost a person’s self-esteem to potentially unsafe levels. As a result, they may seem arrogant and full of themselves, which may lead to people avoiding them.

Yet, people with self-esteem that are too high may need help just as much as people whose levels are too low. It’s easy for people with extremely high self-esteem to fall into delusions about themselves. They can start to believe that they have powers most people don’t or that they understand the world differently.

When these delusions take hold, it can be difficult to convince someone that they’re wrong. A person with extremely high levels of self-esteem may not believe they need to listen to other people. Speaking with them can feel like speaking with a bombastic and arrogant wall.

Believing strange things about themselves is only one thing to be wary of. People with high levels of self esteem may also suddenly crash. They may not be able to keep themselves in such a positive light for long, and their esteem may come crumbling down.

When that happens, people with high levels of self esteem may act dramatically and dangerously. They can threaten suicide or self-harm out of desperation to reclaim the positive light they were in. If they reach that point, it’s best to call a professional to immediately help them.

However, it’s not impossible to talk with someone with extremely high levels of self-esteem. It’s just important to remember that they may be deluded, and you should never address the delusion directly. It’s better to suggest an alternative and healthier belief about themselves, rather than directly saying someone is wrong.

Healthy Self-Esteem Is a Crucial Part of Mental Health

Although there are a lot of factors that can affect someone’s mental health, a healthy level of self esteem is crucial. If people have unhealthy beliefs about themselves, then everything else will be unhealthy too. Their perceptions of themselves will be reflected in their relationships, career, and everything else.

Luckily, a person’s self-esteem can always change. It’s as fluid as everything else that makes up a person’s health. Poor self-esteem can always improve, no matter the circumstance.

All someone needs to do is work at it. One of the ways to work at improving self-esteem is by reading supportive articles. You can keep reading those here, where we will always update you with the latest information on psychology and mental health.

7 Bad Habits That are Killing Your Self-Esteem

Did you know that 85% of us struggle with low self-esteem?

This lack of confidence can negatively impact every area of a person’s life. While some sources of low self-esteem are deep-rooted, others are the product of bad habits.

Whether you struggle with negative feelings or you’re concerned about a loved one, take the time to read through this list of self-esteem killing habits.

Could one (or more) of these be contributing to the problem?

1. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Do you want to lose weight, land your dream job, or climb Mount Everest?

Those are all amazing goals. But in order to achieve them, you’ve got to break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

If you try to lose 40 pounds in 4 weeks or expect to make a million dollars right out of college, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The result? Your self-esteem takes a major hit–and you quickly give up on your goal.

Before you set out to climb Everest, try hitting the gym regularly and competing in some local 10Ks. Little by little, you can work toward your ultimate goal (and feel great about yourself in the process).

2. Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the fastest ways to kill your confidence is to compare yourself to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Research has already proved that kids today can experience low self-esteem from spending too much time on social media. The same is true of adults.

Shining snapshots of our friends’ lives make it seem like they have it all. Soon we get into the mindset that everyone is doing “better” than we are–better vacations, better homes, better clothes.

We can also fall into the bad habit of comparing ourselves to colleagues at work. Or maybe you have a sibling or close friend who seems more successful in business or in their personal life.

If you want to improve your self-esteem, stop focusing on what everyone else has accomplished. You’ll never get around to accomplishing your own goals!

3. Not Forgiving Yourself

Do you spend a lot of time dwelling on the past? Do you focus more on mistakes you made than on what you hope to achieve tomorrow, next week, or 10 years from now?

Letting go can be a challenge, especially if you feel you’ve made some serious mistakes. But dwelling on those mistakes indefinitely will only lead to feelings of blame, regret, and failure.

The result? You get stuck in a pattern of negative thinking, and this self-defeatist attitude prevents you from moving forward.

Let yourself off the hook. Learn from your mistakes and be determined to put them behind you. Then read some self-esteem quotes, dust yourself off, and focus on (a more positive) future.

4. Letting Fear Dictate Your Life

As FDR famously said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important.”

We’re all afraid of something. It’s part of being human. When you have low self-esteem, though, it’s easy to let this fear hold you back.

It’s often easier to say, “It’s too hard,” or “I don’t know how to do that.” When fear rules your life, you use it as an excuse not to try anything new. The more time that passes without working toward any goals, the lower your self-esteem will sink.

Think about this: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Travel to a foreign place? Start your own business? Learn a new language or skill?

Whatever you have in mind, learn to rephrase that negative thinking with a more positive thought. Instead of saying, “It’s too hard,” try, “How can I make this happen? What’s the first step?”

5. Trying to Please Everybody (All the Time)

Not having personal or professional boundaries is another sure way to lower your self-esteem. If you’re a people pleaser who never says “no” to anyone, you’ll eventually run out of time for yourself.

When that happens, you’ll feel as if your life is spiraling out of control. What’s important to you will be shoved to the backburner and (you guessed it) your self-esteem will suffer.

Yes, there will be occasions when you need to work overtime or do a favor for a friend. But when it becomes a habit, you’ll end up frustrated, scatter-brained, and stressed out.

Break this habit by learning how to say “no.” Practice in front of a mirror if you have to. Set clear boundaries about your time with family members and work colleagues–and then stick to them.

6. Physical or Mental Laziness

Lacking confidence in yourself and the way you look? The surest way to perpetuate that cycle is to sit on the couch and do nothing about it.

Research proves that exercise improves mood and self-esteem while fighting social withdrawal tendencies. It also provides a rush of feel-good endorphins and leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment.

The same can be said for not exercising your mind. If you’re feeling down, the easiest thing to do is plop down in front of the television or mindlessly scroll through your phone.

Even when you’re tired, take a few minutes to actively engage your brain. Read a few pages of a book (an actual book) or spend a few minutes practicing a new skill. You might also try meditation or mindfulness and focus your attention on positive thoughts.

7. Constantly Criticizing Yourself

A final bad habit many with low self-esteem fall victim to is negative self-talk.

How many times a day do you think something like:

  • “You’re too fat.”
  • “You’ll never be good enough.”
  • “You’re such an idiot.”
  • “You can’t do anything right.”

If these phrases are a daily part of your thinking pattern, guess what? You’ll believe them–and your self-esteem will become even worse.

Work hard to eliminate such negative thoughts from your mind. Replace them with positive, reinforcing thoughts like, “I respect my body” or “I did well on that task.”

Improve Low Self-Esteem Today

As you can see, bad habits play a large role in low self-esteem.

If you identified any of these habits in yourself, take action to cultivate a more positive mindset. You’re sure to see good results if you do.

Looking for more advice on improving your self-esteem? Click here.

yoga for confidence

The Benefits of Yoga for Confidence and Self-Esteem

When you look at social media and magazine covers, it’s hard not to feel bad about yourself. We constantly get told that we aren’t thin enough, thick enough, or good enough.

Combatting these messages takes strength and immense self-esteem. How can you build your self-esteem and become more confident?

One of the best ways to increase confidence is by practicing yoga. Yoga benefits your mind, body, and spirit and it elevates self-worth. To learn how you can use yoga for confidence, keep reading.

1. It’s Self-Soothing

Those moments of self-doubt and low self-esteem are hard on our souls. We often feel unstable, unhappy, and in distress.

One of the best purposes for yoga is to self-soothe.

Self-soothing is the practice of calming the mind and allowing your heart to heal. It’s about allowing yourself grace and patience to pause your emotions. When you self-soothe, you pause those negative feelings and start to think clearer.

The most powerful self-soothing yoga position is Child’s Pose. In this pose, you kneel on the ground and sit back on your heels. Your big toes should be touching, and your knees should be hip-width apart.

Fold forward and stretch your palms as far as you can in front of you. With your palms facing the floor, relax your neck and torso between your knees. Breathe deeply and slowly as you sink into the ground.

As you practice Child’s Pose, imagine the space between your torso and the ground as “safe space”. There’s no judgment and no negativity allowed. You are safe to look objectively at yourself and see the value within.

2. Learn to Slow Down

Have you ever noticed how fast those feelings of self-judgment appear? You’ll be scrolling through your feed, see an image, and feel inferior. Sometimes it’s subconscious, other times it’s at the forefront of your mind.

Yoga for confidence and self-esteem is about slowing down those impulsive thoughts.

Although your first thoughts may be negative, deep down you know they’re not true. You need to learn to create time and space between those thoughts so you can decide how you want to feel. Your first response emotions come from a place of fear, not self-esteem.

One position that trains you to slow down is Crow Pose. This pose can seem scary and unattainable at first. But, after lots of practice and patience, you can do it.

By starting with the foundational steps, you break the pose down. You start small and at the beginning. Slowly, you accomplish harder and harder steps until you’re upside down in Crow Pose.

3. See Beauty in Uniqueness

There’s one message that almost every yoga teacher will want you to hear: it’s okay to be different. It’s okay to love yourself and embrace your uniqueness.

Many first-time yogis feel intimidated by the more advanced students in their class. But, your practice isn’t about what others are doing. Keep your eyes on your own mat because this is about you.

Yoga teaches you that your body is beautiful and capable. It’s been on a completely unique and individual journey to bring you to the mat today. What makes you different makes you worthy and beautiful.

If you’re using yoga for confidence, focus on turning your practice inward. It’s not about anyone else in the room.

4. Find a Supportive Community

One of the best parts of joining a yoga class is the community you become a part of. The people in your class have all discovered how uplifting and life-giving yoga is. You’re surrounded by people who “get it”.

Yoga teaches you to see the beauty in others as well as in yourself. In a world where our first impressions are judgmental, retraining that pattern is hard. But, consistent yoga will help you see the positive before the negative.

Even if you choose to practice yoga by yourself, the community online is strong. There are always fellow yogis happy to encourage, empower, and support you.

5. It Builds Self-Respect

Do you have trouble treating yourself well because you feel that you don’t deserve it? You’re not alone. Low-self esteem has a wicked way of preventing us from doing things that will bring joy.

Practicing yoga can be your first step to acceptance and self-love.

Your first few sessions may be basic and easy to do. You’ll likely do poses like Tree Pose, Pigeon Pose, and Warrior II. But, as you continue to practice, your skills will increase.

Seeing the growth in your practice is exciting. It proves that you can do awesome things. And, that you deserve to feel good.

Set a goal for your yoga practice. One day, you’ll be able to do a pose that you can’t right now. Working towards accomplishing it will build self-esteem and self-respect.

6. Learn Mindfulness

How many times have you tried to meditate and then given up? If you’re like most people, the answer is lots. Sometimes, we try to meditate when the results we desire can come from being mindful.

Mindfulness is the ability to be self-aware and in the present.

Low self-esteem often forces us to stay in the past. We dwell on things we’ve done wrong or how we looked at a recent social event.

Practicing yoga encourages you to also practice mindfulness. You don’t have to sit cross-legged and repeat the “om” sound. All you have to do is go through your yoga flow and focus on how each part of your body feels.

Being mindful of how you feel in the moment removes the stress you feel about the past. You are not your past; you are the present. And, in this moment, you feel great because you are great.

Interested in Learning More About Yoga for Confidence?

You don’t have to succumb to living with low self-esteem forever. Through different exercises, you can build your confidence and live a fulfilling life.

When doing yoga for confidence, focus on your own personal journey. Embrace the support you receive from the community. Remember that you deserve to feel good.

For more information on building your self-esteem and improving your confidence, check out the blog.

It Prevents a Person from Doing a Big Mistake!

If you are doing a big mistake, or you have performed certain illegal behavior that can possibly hurt others, then never blame your self esteem for this. Often people use to do the same when they are behaving in a wrong way. There is absolutely nothing to do with the self esteem in such cases. It cannot contribute or propel you to behave badly that use to hurt others. Instead of that you should look at the circumstances that have forced or propelled you to do so. In this way, you can eliminate this issue further and can make your life beautiful.

However, what in case, kid has the poor self esteem? In place of feeling safe over the other children, low self esteem kid feels awkward, nervous & like he does not fit in.  Other children sense this & think he is very ‘shy’ and ‘different’.  He does not bond with other kids & is alone that makes him MORE insecure & lowers the self-esteem still.  Eventually as other kids progress, date, form cliques, socialize outside school… low self esteem child, which was not able to connect in beginning is to shut out of this.  He is actually left behind developmentally & not corrected in right time will go onto scar child in adulthood. The self esteem is all that you have – and what are you worth? How you calculate this? Self worth is the combination of self esteem, confidence & self respect.

The self esteem is the internal sense of the worth. It actually reflects the inner confidence & self respect. The self esteem outwardly shines & is been demonstrated by actions that one takes. Internal self worth that consists of the self esteem, confidence and respect, may get external net worth. While comparing the individuals with weak self esteem to people with the strong one, and what are obvious differences? Does this play very important role? Obviously, it does. The self esteem is essence of the personality, as well as is been reflected in self worth & net worth.

It can Add More Positive Values for Your Life!

If you can feel self esteem and more about its existence, then you can place yourself in a better situation to develop your self esteem level. This can be the right thought for many people who wish to receive an enhanced level of self esteem. These people are not finding the best ways to do so, but now the web pages can help them a lot. These web pages are often based on the reality related to self esteem that often helps a person to enhance his or her self esteem. So, go for it now and enhance your self esteem level with a better approach.

It in turn manifests in the insecurity over others that un selfaware person then allows manifest in feelings like irritation, jealousy, abrasiveness or arrogance.  People with the good self esteem may not know that underlying reason for low self esteem person’s behavior is the self esteem problem.  And they can just not socialize and be inclusive with a person.  It ends up getting somewhat of the self fulfilling prophecy. More shut out & not included low self esteem person is, more insecure that they get that in turn lowers the self esteem more.  They manifest anger, nervousness, anxiousness, jealousy, and so on more that continues vicious cycle. In case, you have the low self -esteem then you tend not to feel comfortable with others as you inherently feel very ‘unworthy’.

Prior to you know it low self esteem person isn’t being promoted, is missing the opportunities & their entire career trajectory gets sabotaged.  This same type of the vicious cycle will happen in the non work associated arenas.  Think of the high school & how the child with the low self esteem may feel over others.  In case, they had the good self-esteem then they will feel very confident around other kids, make some friends, feel accepted as well as develop generally that will reinforce good self esteem.

Go With Some Self Esteem Exercises!

If you want to raise your self esteem quickly, then you should look for quick advice rather than looking for long text.  In this regard, you need to buy a self esteem book that contains some exercises regarding self esteem.  There are 3 different type of self esteem exercise  and before you rush to buy any self esteem book first you need to remember that not all type of exercises are work for everyone.  In this regard, you can take an expert’s advice that has sufficient knowledge about self esteem exercise.  From online you can also avail some self esteem exercise tips.

When self esteem is lost, does it mean you cannot ever have the high self esteem once again? Answer is not. You may actually regain this. In case, you have the low self esteem due to previous terrible experiences, and one method of removing the problem is facing that some bad experience & turn this in the good one. You may need to make bad thing in something, which is productive. In this way, each time when you run in this experience, and other event, which is very closely related to aforementioned, and what you can take from it is just good thing and not bad feeling that you have got. You must remember that you must protect the self esteem.

You should as well remember teaching your children values & abilities for them to conserve the self esteem. You must ingrain confidence to face every day with heads up very high, as low self esteem and lack of confidence can decide what type of person they are. In case, you lack self esteem & are very low in the self confidence you probably spend lots of time wish you had confidence acting and behaving in a way people with the high self esteem do. In case, you would like to be happier & derive more from the life increasing self confidence & self esteem is a key and simple to do with simple tips.

Change the Way of Your Thinking!

Although, it is true that people with good physical appearance are having high self esteem but it is not true in all cases.  There are also examples of people with good physical appearance suffering from poor self esteem. In such cases, the sufferer needs to change the way of their thinking. You should remember that the human mind is very powerful and it is often concerned with the emotions as well as deeds of human.  Everything gets start from the mind and if you understand how to control the way of your thinking, then your level of self esteem will be remain fine.

Thus, practicing them by worksheets can definitely give more and more benefit. The self esteem worksheets are accessible on internet and you may do them while you find the free time. It also assures to raise self esteem level. The separate worksheets are accessible for children that have the low self esteem as they belong to the troubled families and alcoholic families. The worksheets are accessible for various age groups & you may learn good things in you however you never noticed it before. The self esteem worksheets stimulate you answer questions that can help to enhance personal growth. Work sheet might also ask you write any 2 qualities you possess.

Everyone has their quality that is different in different aspects. The work sheets help and know yourself & others better. It is also proved that the people who suffered from the low self esteem have relationship problems that includes divorce. Thus, self esteem worksheet, which helps to raise the self esteem of any people can help to handle the relationship problems very smoothly. You spend minutes to practice worksheets, which in turn can help and develop the positive attitude. People with healthy self esteem are one that views life in the positive method. Though the self esteem development must generally begin from the early childhood, and it is not very late to fix the past mistakes as well as try to develop in adulthood.


Low self esteem should be avoided at any cost. It leads to one underestimating themselves and hinders them from trying different things. As a way to improve your self esteem, it is good to commend yourself everyday in everything you do. This should be accompanied by listing some events that made you smile before retiring to bed. Another way is to stop underestimating your capabilities, your look or your background. Instead of spending time thinking of such things that will never change, it is better to look at the positive things in your life. Increasing self esteem also requires you not to listen to others discouraging words. You should always take such comments lightly and live like at peace.

Here are some tips, which have actually helped me out.

1. Find out something you like of yourself. Let us say you hate your own body not a great place for self esteem. Find one very important thing that you may truly say that you like about your body. And for me, I have learned to like my wrists- and they are thin & delicate. Eventually, I started to feel more and more self esteem of the appreciation for other area of my body & I value my good health.

2. Look at what is going well and what you are doing right. And nothing is ever black & white. Fine, let us say you have got no job, home, friends, and poor health, & no income or money. You are helping planet by release of the carbon dioxides that feeds plants. Even though you get fired from the job, look what self esteem you do well when you were employed & focus on that. In case, you have the job, which you hate, then at least you are working, and going through fourth divorce, you are keen to get involved with other human being. Look what you are learning and when you are feeling bad about yourself, then write the list of accomplishments. List mus include everything that you have done & ways that you have helped others. The items on list do not have to be big. Maybe you got the newspaper to disabled neighbor, did not scream at husband while you wanted to, self esteem got lots of filing done in work, and helped your son to pick out the shirt…write this down. Whenever the list is complete, then you have to read it to the trusted friend.



The psychological health of a person starts with the essential core of the person accepting themselves, being loved and respected by others. Self esteem will help the person face life with more confidence and optimism making them achieve their goals in life. Self esteem allows people to be more ambitious in respect to emotional, creative and spiritual experiences hence widening the capacity of being happy.

Self esteem convinces people that they deserve to be happy. It increases the capacity of an individual in treating others with respect and goodwill hence favoring good interpersonal relationships.

At the work place, self esteem allows creativity and creates conditions good enough for teaching and learning. Seeing the list of accomplishments will help us to appreciate ourselves. Remember some days it is fine just to suck air. In case, you are fighting the tough emotional battle, then staying alive & sucking air is the huge accomplishment.

Find somebody to help and someway to be of the service. Current neurological research indicates when you give to somebody else, the chemical in brain named dopamine changes. With Self Esteem your brain cannot tell in case, you are giving and receiving, however you feel better. So, find easy ways to help people. Write & post the helpful ezine article, give somebody the flower, baby sit friend’s child, go on talk to shut in, walk your dogs for humane society in area, and volunteer for one day community project. While I was suffering from the mild depression and low self esteem, I found strength getting out of the bed as I was taking care of the stray cat. When I had the bad day, then I held on this fact it stray cat was better, as I was alive & helping it.

Do something that you love to do. People who are suffering from the low self esteem often punish themselves. The inner voice might say, “I cannot go to beach I need to get more and more work done.” Ignore voice & go do something that you actually love. In case, doing something that you love causes the backfire of some negative thoughts, and do something that you love for the short time. Maybe you can spend fifteen minutes reading the art magazine, working on the jigsaw puzzle and working on the garden. Definitely you have the bills to pay, family requirements to tend to & there is work that has to be done. However, you are just spending 15minutes away from the responsibilities.