Select Only High Self Esteem!

One of the vital causes why self esteem is playing a major role in human’s life is that it can enhance the self confidence level. Self esteem can enhance your confidence level to achieve the objective in positive way, and also self esteem is majorly linked with your confidence level or personality. In most of the case people are losing the grip over their life due to low level of self esteem.

  • Self esteem can force you to make relationship with other, and most importantly it is offering the upmost level of happiness, with fulfilling the life desires.
  • And another way, people and their low self esteem are suffering from the badness of life so that low self esteem people are having low amount of success with happiness.
  • So, self esteem is playing a vital role in people’s personality with their relationship with others. It is the right way, to know the personality development with self confidence to achieve the objective.
  • Self esteem is offering the internal happiness with worthy personality.
  • While you are boosting your personality, before you need to choose one self esteem for achieving the complicated objective.
  • In this way, you can get full satisfaction result for your personality development.

Self esteem “can’t get attained by just reciting the boosters and affirmations and one may not give others the authentic self-esteem.” I agree, and we have to walk talk & demonstrate to kids what it is being positive. And display self loving behavior besides, boosters & affirmations and within time we can see those kids mimic same behavior. Self esteem. So, here are a few self-esteem boosting ideas for home and school:

  1. Display posters, which promote & affirm self worth
  2. Have students to make signs tape on the desks with names & 3 things that they love doing.
  3. For one of writing assignments, and have them to write story what they like of themselves.
  4. Every day greet them with smile & remind them how much valuable are they.
  5. Speak much louder while they are well & softer while they behave poorly. (self esteem)
  6. Put positive not in desk and lunch box.
  7. Tell them you are very proud of them. (build self esteem)
  8. Look in mirror daily & remind yourself how good are you.
  9. Like Robert Frost ” Make bed & make up mind that it is going to be a very good day.
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Know the Ego, Spirit and Soul!

There are several sorts of things which you need to know while trying to develop your self esteem level. These days, people simply want to live a better life and in order to maintain the right pace or format for life they are now trying hard to develop their self esteem level. Whether you want to draw more success in your personal life or you want to grow more in your professional sector, self esteem is the aspect that can really make you feel confident about your movements. A person with an enhanced self esteem level can really achieve big objectives in life. If you will look for the reputation analogy, then you can find that in order to grab the reputation a person need to move through different aspects of life.

Among all these things it’s the human feeling, thinking and behavior that will come at the top slot. Developing self esteem can really allow you to enhance these qualities which are the part of you. At the same time you can not deny the facts like Ego and the Spirit or Soul. If you are trying to look deep down into the reality behind self esteem, then some spiritual people may suggest you about God within Us. However, in case, you are very healthy however you have the poor self-esteem, and something may be totally wrong with emotional upbringing. Self esteem. In case, you have to change in a way that you think. Human mind is powerful and it will also play some tricks on you & puts self-esteem on risk. See point? Human mind is connected with emotions & deeds and everything begins in mind and in case, you can learn how you can control in a way that you think, level of self-esteem is fine. Besides this, there are a lot of self-esteem test on internet. Self esteem.

Whenever you have the low self-esteem, and you have to boost that however not at point you get overbearing. In case, you think that you have high self-esteem, this is good thing however see that you are not at all stepping on the other’s toes. At times, to have high self esteem results to stress and complacency. Boosting own self-esteem is not very simple and it is process & you have to be very consistent in that. Improving own self-esteem will depend on type of the physical look that you have.

List of Personal Accomplishments

Self Esteem – In identifying goals for the future, it’s important not to lose sight of what you’ve already accomplished in your life. It’s common to forget about past attainments at those times when you’re feeling dissatisfied with yourself. You can raise your self-esteem in a few minutes by thinking about your life and giving yourself credit for those goals you’ve already achieved.

The following exercise is designed  to help you do this. Think about your entire life as you review each area and make a list of your accomplishments. Keep in mind that while it’s gratifying to have external, “socially recognized” achievements, the most important attainments are more intangible and internal. What you’ve given to others (love, guidance, assistance, etc.) and life lessons you’ve gained on the road to maturity and wisdom are ultimitaley your most important accomplishments.

For each of the following areas, list any accomplishments you’ve had up to the present.


Work and Career

Home and Family


Arts and Hobbies


Prizes or Awards

Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

Charitable Activities

Intangibles Given to Others

Important Life Lessons Learned


Taking personal responsibility for achieving the things you want most out of life and making tangible progress toward obtaining them –will greatly add to your sense of self-esteem. An excellent book for getting started  that I recommended is Susan Jeffer’s Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Also check out Embracing Fear: and Finding the Courage to Live Your Life.

For more recommended books on fear and goals click here.

Fear In The Way of Goals Exercise

Self Esteem – To overcome the feeling of not deserving to achieve your goal, I suggest that you work intensively with the simple affirmation “I deserve _____________” or “I deserve to have _____________.” Don’t be sparing in the use of repetition with this particular affirmation. Continue to work with it until you develop an emotional conviction that it is true. Developing the belief that you deserve what you truly want will add significantly to your self esteem.

After you’ve worked through your specific obstacles to taking action on your goals, it’s time to develop a plan of action. Break down your goal into a series of steps. Remember that this is a long range plan. As an option, you may wish to specify a time frame for accomplishing each step.

For example, you might be feeling increasingly dissatisfied with your present line of work and would like to be doing something else. Yet, you’re not quite sure about what you want to do, let alone how to go about training for it. The board goal of “getting into another line of work” might seem a bit overwhelming, taken as a whole. But if you break it down into component parts, it becomes more managable”

1. Find a career counselor you respect

2. Explore different options by:

3. Narrow down vocational options to one particular type of work

4. Obtain education or training for the line of work you have chosen

5. Complete your education or training (if possible while maintaining your current job)

6. Search for an entry level position in your new career

  • Obtain resources that tell you where jobs are available
  • Prepare a professional looking resume
  • Apply for jobs
  • Go for interviews

7. Begin your new career

Goal Setting

Self esteem can be improved when you have a goal to work towards. This exercise is designed to help you narrow down what you would like to achieve.

Ask yourself two questions:

1. What are the most important things I want out of life – now and in the future?
2. What am I doing about these goals right now?

Let’s consider each of these. To answer the first question you need to define what your goals are. If this is presently unclear, thinking about what you want in each of the areas below might help you to be more specific:

Physical Health
Psychological Well-Being
Finances and Money
Intimate Relationships
Living Environment
Personal Growth
Recreation and Leisure
Spiritual Life

Give yourself some time –up to several days if necessary — to clarify what your most important goals are in these areas over the following time intervals: the next month, the next six months, the next year, the next three years. Write down your most important goals for each time period. You may wish to talk with a close friend or perhaps a counselor to assist you with the process of clarifying your specific personal goals.

The second questions involves honestly evaluation what steps you’re currently taking — or not taking — toward attaining your immediate and longer-range goals. Are you genuinely working toward what you want? Or are you making excuses and setting up obstacle to the attainment of what you want? The popular phrase “taking responsibility for your life” simply means that you take full responsibility for working toward your own goals. Avoiding self-responsibility is to not do anything about what you want and/or expect someone else to do it for you. Avoiding  self-responsibility will guarantee that you’ll have feelings of powerlessness, inadequacy, and even hopelessness. A sense of personal self-worth is dependent on taking responsibility for yourself.

Affirmations for Self Esteem – What I Am Learning

Self Esteem – As in the previous article Affirmations for Self Esteem – What I Am, write a list of your favorite affirmations individually on a 3×5 card. Then read through the stack slowly and with feeling once or twice a day.

What I Am Learning

I am learning to love myself more every day

I am learning to believe in my unique worth and capabilities

I am learning to trust myself (and others)

I am learning to recognize and take care of my needs

I am learning to ask others for what I need

I am learning that it’s OK to say no to others when I need to

I am learning to take life one day at a time

I am learning to approach my goals one day at a time

I am learning to take better care of myself

I am learning how to take more time for myself each day

I am learning to let go of doubts and fear

I am learning to let go of worry (or shame)

I am learning that others respect and like me

I am learning how to be more comfortable around others

I am learning to feel more confident in ________________

I am learning that I have a right to ________________

I am learning that it’s OK to make mistakes

I am learning that I don’t have to be perfect to be loved

I am learning to accept myself just the way I am

You can also put these affirmations on tape. Repeat each affirmation twice and leave about 5-10 seconds between different statements. Listen to the tape once a day when you feel relaxed and receptive and watch this do wonders for your self esteem.

Affirmations for Self Esteem – What I Am

Affirmations for Self Esteem – What I Am

Self esteem can be improved by positive self talk. Select your favorite affirmations from the list and write them down individually on 3×5 cards. Then read through the stack slowly and with feeling once or twice a day. Doing this while alternately looking at yourself in the mirror is an excellent idea.

I am lovable and capable

I fully accept and believe in myself just the way I am

I accept all different parts of me

I’m already a worthy person. I don’t have to prove myself.

My feelings and needs are important

It’s OK to think about what I need

It’s good for me to take time for myself

I have many good qualities

I believe in my capabilities and value the unique talents I can offer the world

I am a person of high integrity and sincere purpose

I trust in my ability to succeed at my goals

I am a valuable and important person, worthy of respect of others

Others perceive me as a good an likable person

When other people really get to know me, they like me

Other people like to be around me. They like to hear what I have to say and know what I think.

Others recognize that I have a lot to offer

I deserve to be supported by those people who care for me

I deserve the respect of others

I trust and respect myself and am worthy of the respect of others

I now receive assistance and cooperation from others

I’m optimistic about life. I look forward to and enjoy new challenges.

The more I love myself, the more I am able to love others.

Affirmations for Self Esteem – What I Am Learning

Self Esteem

Self Talk

Self esteem worry picSelf Esteem – What you tell yourself, and your beliefs about yourself, contribute in an obvious and literal way to your self-esteem. If you are feeling inadaquate and powerless, it’s very likely because you belive that you are. By the same token, you can raise your self-esteem simply by working on changing your self talk and basic beliefs about yourself.

When you catch yourself engaging in self-critical or self-victimizing inner dialogues, follow these steps:

1.Disrupt the chain of negative thoughts with some method that diverts your attention away from your mind and helps you to be more in touch with your feelings and body. Any of the following may work:

-Physical activity (household chores or exercise)

-Taking a walk outside

-abdominal breathing exercises

-Five minutes of progressive muscle relaxation

-Snapping a rubber band against your wrist

The point is to do something that slows you down and gives you a bit of distance from  your negative thoughts. It’s difficult to counter negative self-talk when you’re tense and your mind is racing.

2. Challenge your negative self-talk with appropriate questioning if necessary. Good questions to raise with your inner critic might be “What’s the evidence for this?’, “Is this always true?”, or “Am I looking at both sides of this issue?”

3. Counter your negative inner dialogue with positive, self-supportive statements. You may want to design your own positive statements specifically tailored to refute your critic’s statements one by one. Alternatively, you can draw positive counterstatements from a list of affirmations. I will discusss a list of affirmations in my next article.