Culture plays a significant role in our self esteem. The various beliefs and myths associated with different cultures of the earth influences our self esteem. Culture determines how one is brought up and what they grow up believing. Some cultures, unlike others, encourage such things as education which affects self esteem both positively and negatively. Some of the things involved with different cultures are what determine how one controls their self esteem. The western culture is mostly based on many activities that go hand in hand with the evolution that brings across individual enhancement, which is important for self esteem. These activities involved in different cultures lead to their roles on self esteem. The employee self esteem begins from the external recognition & when accepted as to be sincere it builds the self esteem from inside that translates in the external actions and leading to the bottom line results.

The people do in the way that is very consistent with how they actually see themselves conceptually. Thus key is helping the people to build the self esteem. This is foundation of the employee retention motivation & loyalty. Not like money that is the external motivator & not lasting, and ones self- esteem is completely internal, and the internal motivation is lasting. To build the healthy esteem one requires recognition & praise, from one’s self & from others. You may help to build somebody’s self esteem & self motivation by recognition, however as well through advancement & responsibility where person will get the sense of achievement & personal growth. Problem is in today’s society we are actually deprived of the positive feedback.

Recognition, compliments, as well as praise aren’t a part of day to day culture. And for a few reasons, lots of people find this difficult to give the compliments, praise and recognition. It does nothing for self esteem. My thought is it is very hard to give out something that you do not need to give. How you can give somebody else the compliment in case, you cannot compliment yourself?



The internet is a vessel that may shape your self esteem, positively or negatively. The internet is the simplest and easiest way to convey information to many people around the globe. Self esteem and the internet in most cases is the positive side of our lives. Much information from the internet concerning self esteem is usually positive and thus helps us develop our self esteem. Millions of healthy topics on our health and self esteem are found on the internet. The internet also provides resources like books and references that help us shape our thinking and judgment calls to constructive self esteem. Through the internet, we learn the various weaknesses and strengths that are associated with self esteem.

Why is building the self esteem by recognition very important?

While somebody gives you the compliment and recognizes you to do something, how you feel? Imagine, for the moment, to be complimented by your family, friends, customers and staff every day. What will it do to the self-esteem, self confidence & self respect, and finally self-worth – bottom line? By building self esteem by recognition is the positive reinforcement. The positive reinforcement of the actions gets these actions repeated. The recognition & praise reinforces our thoughts about ourselves & helps to make us think that we are better we thought what we were. This is how you can build employee the self-esteem. The employee motivation is very positive reinforcement. The positive reinforcements are what builds self-esteem. Self-esteem is a way we see & feel about ourselves internally, through our beliefs and externally by what we accept as beliefs of people. In case, we feel very good about ourselves as well as we think others feel very good about us, and we do better than we will while we see opposite side of coin. Research has actually shown there is the stronger requirement in the society now for recognition (and building one’s self-esteem) there is for money an sex. That says something to build the self esteem & employee motivation.



Stress is a vice that is usually associated with low self esteem. When one is stressed, they develop negative thinking. Negative thinking is commonly associated with low self esteem. This leads a person to the belief that they cannot make it to be successful and cannot come up with anything good. Stress makes a person dumb hindering communication with other people. This results to low self esteem as well. These conditions make one unable to take their opinions into consideration as they term themselves failures in the society. Stress also leads a person to seeing other people as more important than they are and with more capabilities. The tension developed by stress also plays a major role in lowering one’s self esteem.

Teachers didn’t know how they can to teach the self-esteem to the young kids. They did not understand why they were been supposed to teach. Fortunately, the classes were not much. The teachers must get trained in how you can help the students to get higher self-esteem. Also, there must be the self esteem trainers in big companies so the employees will continue for developing the self esteem. This will be the huge investment to schools & companies due to benefits that the higher self-esteem among students & employees will bring. Leaving the people to figure how you can raise the self-esteem themselves is very risky. Whole world will benefit in case, more and more people learnt how you can develop the high self esteem.

The self esteem is the sense of worth, not just in the inner confidence & self respect, however outwardly in actions one actually takes towards contributing to Bottom Line. The employee recognition is been ranked number one motivating factor while it comes about employee motivation in workplace. In case, you would like to maintain the motivated employees, encourage people to do much better, then recognizing them can help to build the self esteem, whereas maintaining the loyal & motivated employee. You might find it very hard to believe, however recognition is most strong employee motivator of as it builds self esteem.



Self esteem and health determine ones overall outcome. In this case, low self esteem goes with poor health while good health is vital for high self esteem. On the other hand, self esteem and health are determined by exercises you take. Exercising ensures that one is healthy and fit. Exercises do away with stress, which is a factor of low self esteem. Emotional strength is attained through exercising. This emotional strength makes one have positive thinking and that leads to healthy judgment of outcome which leads one to success. Exercises as well decrease chances of some diseases which have great connection to depression and stress. This increases self esteem and the health of an individual. Self esteem, health and exercising go hand in hand for a better you.

Often they are unhappy, withdrawn or aggressive. This people has difficulty acknowledging good aspects about themselves –they all will see is negative. They look at what they cannot do and are not very good, and if ever, celebrate what they have done very well. They think about themselves and they are resilient, they appear to bounce back from setback fast & easily.

What makes Self-Esteem?

The Self-Esteem is actually made up of 3 components and they are: Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, & Self-Worth. At fast glance, these 3 components appear to be very different methods to say the same thing. However, each is different. The Self-Love is an ability to be very kind & loving to one self. It binds the Self-Acceptance & Self-Worth together & gives us the Self-Esteem. It is important to having the great Self-Esteem & I can discuss in depth below. The Self-Acceptance is an ability to acknowledge strengths & weaknesses as well as accept them equally valid parts of self. The Self-Worth is how useful, valuable, and worthwhile we view to our self – it is measure we actually use to decide if our contribution to the society may have meaning. Now as we have defined what the Self-Esteem is –good and bad, we may answer question of ‘Why it is very important?’


Self Esteem: To be self worth also means to be valuable. When you consider yourself valuable you will create a positive feeling about yourself, since you will also feel loved, cared, appreciated and respected by other members of the community. When you feel valuable, you also realize that you are of great importance to other people thus you are able to make a change in lives of other people in the community. Also when you value yourself you create confidence in yourself and also you will be able to do anything confidently. Thus self worth is a vital thing that you should have in order to have a good self esteem.

On surface this appears like the wonderful idea. As, in case, we level playing field and do not compare anybody in the competition then “we are all equal – aren’t we?” And in theory, this must make sure the healthy Self Esteem as nobody is compared as well as we are all same. Except, the Self Esteem does not work in this way and self Esteem grows out of the Self-Love.

What do you mean by Self-Esteem?

The Self-Esteem is a measure of how we actually value our self and it is how we see our self, gifts, weakness, as well as strengths. It is way we view package that we call “me”. While we say somebody has the great Self Esteem, then we mean they know exactly who they are, they accept themselves to be just a way they are. It is something that we want for self. While we say somebody has the poor, negative or low Self Esteem, then we are actually referring to fact they do not view themselves in the positive & loving way. They criticize themselves, however themselves down and live in the constant fear of somebody else criticizing them.

The governments have tried to address the issue in the schools just by abolishing the competition (though they actually leave in assessment & exams!) as well as encouraging the teachers to tell their students that they have “right” to stay equal & that nobody one is better than anybody else.


A healthy self esteem means that you have joy in you, you are able to handle any situation confidently and in a polite manner as you are able to make prominent decisions on your own, you feel loved, cared for, appreciated and accepted by others. Also you learn to appreciate your work and the other workers. By doing so you will have created good relationships with other members in the society that will lead to a good and happy life. By you feeling valued you will have the opportunity to make positive changes in the community since you have that potential. So when you have a positive self esteem you are likely to improve your life quality.

The self esteem is choice that we make and choice many times in a day. You might say, however I am very shy, or I am not very pretty, or I cannot think very fast, or no one thinks I may do that. But, by making the comments, you have actually made your choice & you have selected low self esteem. It bears repeating, choice is yours and you may select the high self esteem, and you may select low self esteem. Still, you are same person doesn’t matter which selection you make, it doesn’t change. But, your selection of self esteem makes the huge difference. It actually means everything to future. In case, you select high self esteem, then you may have everything that your heart desires. In case, you select low self esteem, then you get nothing.

So, why not select high self esteem? It is actually the no brainer, isn’t this? I want you perform the small exercise. In case, , all life, you have selected low self esteem, for only one moment just look back like you had selected high self esteem. And we have heard never-ending talk on Self-Esteem & generally we have agreed that it is very important. Thus, how come it is the epidemic of the low Self Esteem infecting society, especially our youth today?


Being selfless makes one have high self esteem. The ability to give out, being humble, concerned and sharing with others will always lead you to a good position in the society. Selflessness makes one attain a good personal stand and negates one from being mean to others. With a selfless heart, you attain good relationships and interaction with others; hence you exchange happy ideas and this leads to a joyful life that is a quality of high self esteem. Though this is a very good practice, it is very rarely practiced by people and religions. Being selfless calls for self sacrifice that is hard for many to practice, but if applied, it makes one gain love and appreciation for others.

Best example of negative impacts of people’s low self esteem is when the parent with the low self-esteem actually behaves in the non loving way towards their kids who in turn can grow up with the low self esteem & do same to people. Each word you say to others, each gesture & action is been influenced by the self-esteem. In case, you have the low self -esteem that you can normally have the negative effect on people. Level of the self esteem is obviously not only the personal matter. Compare in the mind country where all political leaders have the high self esteem with the country where all leaders have the low self-esteem. In case, I lived in country with the low self esteem politicians I will demonstrate to send them all on the self esteem course!

The self esteem has the larger impact other people’s lives than the skills in physics, mathematics, history, music, and any other school subject. Still self-esteem isn’t officially taught in the schools. While I was the child, we had textbook named “I’m good enough”. As adult I will guess that the book was been supposed to teach us the self esteem, however all students (that includes me) hated these classes as they were very boring.