The internet is a vessel that may shape your self esteem, positively or negatively. The internet is the simplest and easiest way to convey information to many people around the globe. Self esteem and the internet in most cases is the positive side of our lives. Much information from the internet concerning self esteem is usually positive and thus helps us develop our self esteem. Millions of healthy topics on our health and self esteem are found on the internet. The internet also provides resources like books and references that help us shape our thinking and judgment calls to constructive self esteem. Through the internet, we learn the various weaknesses and strengths that are associated with self esteem.

Why is building the self esteem by recognition very important?

While somebody gives you the compliment and recognizes you to do something, how you feel? Imagine, for the moment, to be complimented by your family, friends, customers and staff every day. What will it do to the self-esteem, self confidence & self respect, and finally self-worth – bottom line? By building self esteem by recognition is the positive reinforcement. The positive reinforcement of the actions gets these actions repeated. The recognition & praise reinforces our thoughts about ourselves & helps to make us think that we are better we thought what we were. This is how you can build employee the self-esteem. The employee motivation is very positive reinforcement. The positive reinforcements are what builds self-esteem. Self-esteem is a way we see & feel about ourselves internally, through our beliefs and externally by what we accept as beliefs of people. In case, we feel very good about ourselves as well as we think others feel very good about us, and we do better than we will while we see opposite side of coin. Research has actually shown there is the stronger requirement in the society now for recognition (and building one’s self-esteem) there is for money an sex. That says something to build the self esteem & employee motivation.


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