Culture plays a significant role in our self esteem. The various beliefs and myths associated with different cultures of the earth influences our self esteem. Culture determines how one is brought up and what they grow up believing. Some cultures, unlike others, encourage such things as education which affects self esteem both positively and negatively. Some of the things involved with different cultures are what determine how one controls their self esteem. The western culture is mostly based on many activities that go hand in hand with the evolution that brings across individual enhancement, which is important for self esteem. These activities involved in different cultures lead to their roles on self esteem. The employee self esteem begins from the external recognition & when accepted as to be sincere it builds the self esteem from inside that translates in the external actions and leading to the bottom line results.

The people do in the way that is very consistent with how they actually see themselves conceptually. Thus key is helping the people to build the self esteem. This is foundation of the employee retention motivation & loyalty. Not like money that is the external motivator & not lasting, and ones self- esteem is completely internal, and the internal motivation is lasting. To build the healthy esteem one requires recognition & praise, from one’s self & from others. You may help to build somebody’s self esteem & self motivation by recognition, however as well through advancement & responsibility where person will get the sense of achievement & personal growth. Problem is in today’s society we are actually deprived of the positive feedback.

Recognition, compliments, as well as praise aren’t a part of day to day culture. And for a few reasons, lots of people find this difficult to give the compliments, praise and recognition. It does nothing for self esteem. My thought is it is very hard to give out something that you do not need to give. How you can give somebody else the compliment in case, you cannot compliment yourself?


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