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If a boy aging around 13 has performed a wrong behavior, and he has been kicked out from the school, then you cannot blame this to his self esteem. You should understand the emotional conflicts that are quite stable at his home, and you cannot exactly blame his self esteem to be the prime reason behind such act. Often people use to blame self esteem when someone is performing a wrong act that hurts others. So, the big question is that how you can define self esteem? What is the real mean of it? To know the answer you can now move for the online world.

People who try and conquer feeling of the inferiority may sometimes try for superiority, when they accomplish this, it is the sign show the self esteem. The high self esteem is difficult to evaluate. The student who gets A’s every time, will do it being best, is afraid to be seen as the inconsistent of not keeping up and might like to compete? Being surrounded by the friendly, and loving people is the tremendous factor in the self esteem. And it isn’t always likely to find loving neighbor, honest friend and even the good decent family however for little love you may get, you should be vigilant and ensure being accepted on who you are & accept people for who they are.

When you know there are the differences between the people, building their relationship is much more easier. Try to stay near people that you see as well as interact with daily just by talking, being attentive, showing respect, being supportive as well as being very honest. Whereas there are a lot of books, gurus and articles, which purport to give some advice on how you can develop your self-esteem, I have still to see anybody to explain big picture.  Holistic view of not having the good self esteem will systematically transform otherwise intentioned person with the potential in the bitter failure, which has squandered the opportunities & life.

Never Use This as an Excuse!

There are also people who tend to use self esteem as an excuse when they are behaving in a wrong way. For example, a boy aging around 13 has performed some ugly behavior, and he has contributed this happening for his self esteem. Well, how a boy aging around 13 can be taught in this way about self esteem. This is the age when understanding the reality of self esteem can be a tough job. So, how the behavior shown by the boy can be addressed towards self esteem. This is not the right way to blame self esteem simply to escape from others for your wrong doings.

What Is Self-Esteem?

The self esteem isn’t just how you actually perceive yourself now however it is how you actually examine yourself in a long run. In case, you are the person with the low self esteem, then regular events will have the big influence on feelings. Look at this, polite gesture from the friend or good day in work will make you to feel fine for some time whereas then it can just take horrible day for bringing you feel very low, or depressed. Final consequence might result in them to be hit by a car anyway as they were susceptible in explaining what you did in own way. Being self assured is one way of preventing this type of the circumstances.

Realistically many days are unpleasant and uneventful, thus living with the low self esteem is the fight in long run! What is basic of the healthy self esteem? And it is accepting for who you are. This does not signify that you cannot change & get better however. However, you will be glad & fortunate to be yourself. Somebody who has the success in business can right away come by as somebody who is productive & wealthy as well as has the high self esteem. Well, that might not at all be true. Technically the success maybe the way to compensate for the low self esteem, look at me!.

Always Try To Balance Your Self Esteem!

Although there is no hundred percent good self esteem but it is always advisable to balance it. Your self esteem is just like seesaw. However, it does not mean that if you have a good self esteem you don’t have any frustration in your life. When your self esteem is poor you will frequently hear unenthusiastic voice in your mind as well as make you feel lonely or vulnerable. At the same time while you have a good self esteem you sensitivity will be low and you might feel that you are the most powerful or perfect person in the world.

Turns Anxious Thoughts in Positive Thoughts

Other methods to develop positive self esteem comprise of learning to turn the anxiety in the positive thinking, and learning from mistakes as well as to turn the mistakes in chances for self improvement & making it point being in company of people who bring out best in you instead associating with people who make you do wrong things & don’t give you credit & encouragement that you deserve.

Look for Real Self

Take a few steps for discovering real self. Some easy steps you may an take with developing the self esteem to know what you may succeed at & what can make you fail & in addition. You can take the responsibility for your actions.

Encourage Your Encouragement!

Finally, developing the self esteem means eliminating thoughts that will damage the self esteem and in place you must concentrate just on finding means for getting encouragement as well as this is achieved best through thinking positively. Once again, hanging with people who can give you the encouragement for the actions can help you each step of a way. The self esteem is feeling of confidence, which each human should possess. It is the thought to consider ourselves completely trust worthy. The lack of self esteem can cause some trouble to lead the successful life.


Culture plays a significant role in our self esteem. The various beliefs and myths associated with different cultures of the earth influences our self esteem. Culture determines how one is brought up and what they grow up believing. Some cultures, unlike others, encourage such things as education which affects self esteem both positively and negatively. Some of the things involved with different cultures are what determine how one controls their self esteem. The western culture is mostly based on many activities that go hand in hand with the evolution that brings across individual enhancement, which is important for self esteem. These activities involved in different cultures lead to their roles on self esteem. The employee self esteem begins from the external recognition & when accepted as to be sincere it builds the self esteem from inside that translates in the external actions and leading to the bottom line results.

The people do in the way that is very consistent with how they actually see themselves conceptually. Thus key is helping the people to build the self esteem. This is foundation of the employee retention motivation & loyalty. Not like money that is the external motivator & not lasting, and ones self- esteem is completely internal, and the internal motivation is lasting. To build the healthy esteem one requires recognition & praise, from one’s self & from others. You may help to build somebody’s self esteem & self motivation by recognition, however as well through advancement & responsibility where person will get the sense of achievement & personal growth. Problem is in today’s society we are actually deprived of the positive feedback.

Recognition, compliments, as well as praise aren’t a part of day to day culture. And for a few reasons, lots of people find this difficult to give the compliments, praise and recognition. It does nothing for self esteem. My thought is it is very hard to give out something that you do not need to give. How you can give somebody else the compliment in case, you cannot compliment yourself?



Self esteem and health determine ones overall outcome. In this case, low self esteem goes with poor health while good health is vital for high self esteem. On the other hand, self esteem and health are determined by exercises you take. Exercising ensures that one is healthy and fit. Exercises do away with stress, which is a factor of low self esteem. Emotional strength is attained through exercising. This emotional strength makes one have positive thinking and that leads to healthy judgment of outcome which leads one to success. Exercises as well decrease chances of some diseases which have great connection to depression and stress. This increases self esteem and the health of an individual. Self esteem, health and exercising go hand in hand for a better you.

Often they are unhappy, withdrawn or aggressive. This people has difficulty acknowledging good aspects about themselves –they all will see is negative. They look at what they cannot do and are not very good, and if ever, celebrate what they have done very well. They think about themselves and they are resilient, they appear to bounce back from setback fast & easily.

What makes Self-Esteem?

The Self-Esteem is actually made up of 3 components and they are: Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, & Self-Worth. At fast glance, these 3 components appear to be very different methods to say the same thing. However, each is different. The Self-Love is an ability to be very kind & loving to one self. It binds the Self-Acceptance & Self-Worth together & gives us the Self-Esteem. It is important to having the great Self-Esteem & I can discuss in depth below. The Self-Acceptance is an ability to acknowledge strengths & weaknesses as well as accept them equally valid parts of self. The Self-Worth is how useful, valuable, and worthwhile we view to our self – it is measure we actually use to decide if our contribution to the society may have meaning. Now as we have defined what the Self-Esteem is –good and bad, we may answer question of ‘Why it is very important?’


Self Esteem: To be self worth also means to be valuable. When you consider yourself valuable you will create a positive feeling about yourself, since you will also feel loved, cared, appreciated and respected by other members of the community. When you feel valuable, you also realize that you are of great importance to other people thus you are able to make a change in lives of other people in the community. Also when you value yourself you create confidence in yourself and also you will be able to do anything confidently. Thus self worth is a vital thing that you should have in order to have a good self esteem.

On surface this appears like the wonderful idea. As, in case, we level playing field and do not compare anybody in the competition then “we are all equal – aren’t we?” And in theory, this must make sure the healthy Self Esteem as nobody is compared as well as we are all same. Except, the Self Esteem does not work in this way and self Esteem grows out of the Self-Love.

What do you mean by Self-Esteem?

The Self-Esteem is a measure of how we actually value our self and it is how we see our self, gifts, weakness, as well as strengths. It is way we view package that we call “me”. While we say somebody has the great Self Esteem, then we mean they know exactly who they are, they accept themselves to be just a way they are. It is something that we want for self. While we say somebody has the poor, negative or low Self Esteem, then we are actually referring to fact they do not view themselves in the positive & loving way. They criticize themselves, however themselves down and live in the constant fear of somebody else criticizing them.

The governments have tried to address the issue in the schools just by abolishing the competition (though they actually leave in assessment & exams!) as well as encouraging the teachers to tell their students that they have “right” to stay equal & that nobody one is better than anybody else.


Kids with low self esteem usually disparage themselves as they don’t even see themselves achieving anything in life. This is usually brought by parents, who are the key factor to motivating their young ones, whereby they don’t encourage kids in whatever they do. Low self esteem in kids is also caused by squabbling of parents, who have their differences, ending up in yells and fights at times. This will always lower your kid’s self esteem as they have no one to term as their role models. Teachers are also a great course of low self esteem in kids especially if they don’t ever appreciate how kids perform and guide them to improving their performance in class. At times kids may not perform to their expected levels in some subjects, and if not motivated by teachers, they end up hating the subject and thus gain low self esteem.

There many methods where you may use smiles for raising self-esteem. Here are a few suggestions:
Smile at yourself. While you do this then “happiness hormones” are been released in brain. While your eyes see image of you at a same time since these hormones are swirling over you, and your brain can begin to associate image of you with the pleasant feeling. You may program the brain to think You = Good. Essence of the self esteem is knowledge you are good, thus this is one simple and powerful method to raise your self-esteem.

Smile at people! Lots of people unfortunately base the sense of how fine they are on and how others treat them. Though true self esteem generally comes from inside, you may still make use of others to help you to raise the self esteem. More that you smile to others, more others may smile on you.

Finally, try and simple smile. You do not actually need the mirror and other people’s presence for raising your self-esteem just by smiling. More you smile, better you get in feeling happy. Happiness isn’t something, which happens to lucky, it is the skill, which is trained. Practice feeling happy & you can automatically feel much happy about yourself. People are labeled as having the low self esteem that are shy and reserved. I do not think that you may say somebody has low self-esteem because they feel little inadequate in area of life.

Do women have as much self esteem as men?

A Swiss researcher has found there is no significant difference in women and men’s self esteem in adolescence and young adults. I don’t think this study will eliminate sayings like “you throw like a girl” but it could go along way in clearing up misconceptions that men have more feelings of self worth than women, which is a leading cause in self esteem issues.

Basel University reviewed data from young adults section of the national longitudinal survey of youth from the United States to see how young people’s self esteem developed over time. the sample was of 7100 people 14-30 of age of which forty-nine percent were female, was assessed every two years from 1994-2008. overall, 37% were white, 32% black, 20% Hispanic and 11% other.

the researchers looked at fiver personality traits – openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism – all affects self esteem. They also considered “sense of mastery” which is perception of control over ones life, risk taking tendencies, gender, ethnicity, health and income.

the surprise was the science team didnt find any major difference between male and female’s self esteem.


Select Only High Self Esteem!

One of the vital causes why self esteem is playing a major role in human’s life is that it can enhance the self confidence level. Self esteem can enhance your confidence level to achieve the objective in positive way, and also self esteem is majorly linked with your confidence level or personality. In most of the case people are losing the grip over their life due to low level of self esteem.

  • Self esteem can force you to make relationship with other, and most importantly it is offering the upmost level of happiness, with fulfilling the life desires.
  • And another way, people and their low self esteem are suffering from the badness of life so that low self esteem people are having low amount of success with happiness.
  • So, self esteem is playing a vital role in people’s personality with their relationship with others. It is the right way, to know the personality development with self confidence to achieve the objective.
  • Self esteem is offering the internal happiness with worthy personality.
  • While you are boosting your personality, before you need to choose one self esteem for achieving the complicated objective.
  • In this way, you can get full satisfaction result for your personality development.

Self esteem “can’t get attained by just reciting the boosters and affirmations and one may not give others the authentic self-esteem.” I agree, and we have to walk talk & demonstrate to kids what it is being positive. And display self loving behavior besides, boosters & affirmations and within time we can see those kids mimic same behavior. Self esteem. So, here are a few self-esteem boosting ideas for home and school:

  1. Display posters, which promote & affirm self worth
  2. Have students to make signs tape on the desks with names & 3 things that they love doing.
  3. For one of writing assignments, and have them to write story what they like of themselves.
  4. Every day greet them with smile & remind them how much valuable are they.
  5. Speak much louder while they are well & softer while they behave poorly. (self esteem)
  6. Put positive not in desk and lunch box.
  7. Tell them you are very proud of them. (build self esteem)
  8. Look in mirror daily & remind yourself how good are you.
  9. Like Robert Frost ” Make bed & make up mind that it is going to be a very good day.

Don’t Get Confused!

Self esteem means a lot for every human being. In most of the cases self esteem has been termed as the self descriptive phrase. However, in the past this topic has managed to receive controversies, as few people have tried to extract different meaning of the real concept. We all know that self esteem is an important part of our life and getting it right can lead the way for success in life. All you need to look for the ways that will teach you how to develop self esteem so that it can make you more confident in life. Developing self esteem is all about sharpening the inner you! If you can do that they achieving more success in life will become easier for you. There are several derivatives for self esteem has been established and following all of them simultaneously can really make you confused. These derivatives are:

  • Self confidence
  • Self worth
  • Self-assurance
  • Self-love
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-assertiveness
  • Self-responsibility

Self esteem: There were so many popular persons who have managed to define the concept for self esteem with a better mean. Nathaniel Branden has mentioned that Self esteem is all about having trust on one’s mind and knowing that one is right for you.  Just establishing open door policy & letting workers to know that they will talk to you can help them in a lot of ways. This is one good method to show workers you value about what they want to say & what they think. You, as owner or the person in senior management, have got no idea how important is it for the people to feel that you are available.

Also, knowing that somebody relatively important is keen to listen is very important to person’s self esteem. Perception others have and how they all accept us and not, directly impact self esteem. Being rejected by somebody is feeling that everybody has felt at a few point in life. Accepting some others unconditionally is very important for you as head of the business. We know there are a few faults that may not need to get accepted. But, you may demonstrate positive impression just by showing you know the people have faults, and that includes you, yet it is fine and it is something is worked with. Everybody loves to feel appreciated for work, and especially in work place.