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Self Esteem: To be self worth also means to be valuable. When you consider yourself valuable you will create a positive feeling about yourself, since you will also feel loved, cared, appreciated and respected by other members of the community. When you feel valuable, you also realize that you are of great importance to other people thus you are able to make a change in lives of other people in the community. Also when you value yourself you create confidence in yourself and also you will be able to do anything confidently. Thus self worth is a vital thing that you should have in order to have a good self esteem.

On surface this appears like the wonderful idea. As, in case, we level playing field and do not compare anybody in the competition then “we are all equal – aren’t we?” And in theory, this must make sure the healthy Self Esteem as nobody is compared as well as we are all same. Except, the Self Esteem does not work in this way and self Esteem grows out of the Self-Love.

What do you mean by Self-Esteem?

The Self-Esteem is a measure of how we actually value our self and it is how we see our self, gifts, weakness, as well as strengths. It is way we view package that we call “me”. While we say somebody has the great Self Esteem, then we mean they know exactly who they are, they accept themselves to be just a way they are. It is something that we want for self. While we say somebody has the poor, negative or low Self Esteem, then we are actually referring to fact they do not view themselves in the positive & loving way. They criticize themselves, however themselves down and live in the constant fear of somebody else criticizing them.

The governments have tried to address the issue in the schools just by abolishing the competition (though they actually leave in assessment & exams!) as well as encouraging the teachers to tell their students that they have “right” to stay equal & that nobody one is better than anybody else.

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