Happiness and good relationships are vital aspects in life. You can’t be assured of any happiness in you if you don’t relate well with other people as we often need their support in everything we do. As we all know, no man is an island and we need other people to survive. When you value yourself and those around you, this translates to high self esteem and encourages those you relate with to feel good about themselves as well. Having good relationships with your friends and family is vital and this can be through communication, doing things together, encouraging one another and looking out for each other.

With all the negative outcomes in the lives, they are ones, which have to raise the self esteem most. Unluckily, they are not motivated for seeking the self esteem coach, read the self esteem books and attend the self-esteem courses. Not till things get actually bad they can begin to look for some help. Instead waiting till things get totally worse, it is good to begin to look for different methods to raise the self-esteem instantly. Even though you think your self esteem is about average it is good to improve it rather than waiting for this to sink lower. The self esteem is relationship you have to yourself, sense of the personal worth. The self esteem may thus appear like the private issue. With the low self esteem the lives are been affected negatively in different directions. Less friends, short lasting as well as less satisfying relationships, depression, worse physical health, anxiety, stress and so on.

But, self esteem affects not just your life, but also it affects lives of everybody around you. Level of the self esteem affects how you actually treat others who you interact with and avoid interaction with. Also, you probably have been victim of somebody with the low self esteem yourself. Perhaps the colleague who try to impose their way on others, teacher who do their best to make life miserable, and maybe the grumpy neighbor.


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