To some extent your physical appearance can tell the degree of your self esteem. For instance somebody with low self esteem feels that he is of less/no value, he is not loved, cared for, appreciated or respected by other people and will seem sad all the time. He will not be able to define himself as he will be confused not knowing what to do nor where to go. Unlike the person with high self esteem who will be happy and willing to talk and relate well with others. This is because he will feel good within himself, excited and grateful about life and thus ready to tackle anything. He will also mind how he carries himself around; with dignity and pride.

Unluckily, these people who actually are in need of raising the self esteem and people with very low self-esteem, are less likely when compared to people with the high self-esteem to do something to increase self esteem. People who require self esteem most are least possible to seek this. In all of self esteem program courses, which I have led, majority of participants are women and men with the high self esteem & good self awareness. It is no coincidence and have the high self esteem you have to often engage in the activities, which increase the self esteem. The self esteem does not appear out of nothing.

Many people who attend self esteem programs, read Self Esteem Toolbox, and contact me for the personal coaching are interested to develop themselves & in optimising the well being. Thus they are been used to doing things, which increase the well being. When you do something very good for yourself then you can tell to your brain you are very important & worthy to be taken care, and thus you can raise the self-esteem. The people who aren’t interested in the personal development do not seek out the self developing activities & are thus not used doing things, which improve the self-esteem. Thus the self-esteem is normally lower.


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