Love plays a very big role in self esteem. Love is usually the most significant thing to have in life. As the greatest factor in improving self esteem, love symbolizes something good and no bad things are associated with it. When you love other people, you will never have bad feelings towards them and you will always remain loyal to them. This creates a better feeling that increases your self esteem. With love, ones actions are positive. Positive deeds make you have a high self esteem. Love is not only for people but also for our occupations. Loving our occupations and things we do makes us have high self esteem. Loving ourselves, no matter what image we portray, makes us confident in life. All the activities, which help you feel much better, physically & mentally, are as well good for the self-esteem.

Friends: Surrounding yourself by the positive, loving and supportive people can help you build self esteem. In case, you know this people you must spend more time. in case, you do not have enough of people in life you will find them just by joining any groups of high self esteem people. Probably you can find a few club and society in the local area. Or you may easily join the online community. Also, there are many positive groups of the people that are very much interested in the happiness, self esteem as well as personal development at Facebook.

Diary: Writing in the diary is just like having the conversation to yourself. Is there any good method to get and know yourself? In case, you keep the diary then you can realize good things and all non useful negative ideal that you have. And it can make it very simple to see what side of yourself you would like to keep & what parts you would like to develop.

Films: Films will pull your esteem down & they will lift your self esteem up. In case, you select films, which are positive, inspiring & make you feel very good then you may use them as the self esteem tool.


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