Self Esteem is a Must to Have Thing for Every Person!

All the importance on self esteem building in recent years has done little to teach people what to do when they hit a bang in the road. Research shows that our inner critic brought on by age, illness or other inevitable part of life. Recently scientist Paul Gilbert of Kingsway Hospital have suggested that being self compassionate rather than self critical is more likely to help us to get greater success and happiness in the long run especially in rough times.

Gilbert links self esteem with three interacting emotional system in the brain. Each system has its own evolutionary principle and mediating neurotransmitters. He was also associates self esteem to rely heavily on dopamine, skills, status and so on. Neuro adrenalin helps people to decide either fight or submit in the circumstances of a threat. Glibert said that it can be stimulate by self criticism. The threat system goes into action when our self esteem is threatened or when we come across someone that we think to be better than us. We may put down the other person or attack ourselves without the knowledge of our own faults.  Luckily there is the mammalian care giving system which is likely to be evolved with our requirement to associate and take care of our young.


Nurture Self Esteem

Nurturing self esteem has been considered as the most important task for a person who wants to achieve his objectives with a better approach. It’s all about pushing yourself to such a height that seems to be impossible. However, once you will try to do it, all of sudden you will find yourself right there! Reaching that spot will allow you to receive great recognitions from your family members and friends. If you are an athlete, then things can become really difficult for you while looking for your dream title.

With an enhanced self esteem level, you can achieve any objective in life easily as well as quickly. Every person use to have an inner voice that is often complicated to analyze. Rebutting the inner voice is the first step to improvise your self esteem. However, this is not enough!

Achieving a healthy self esteem also plays an important role. In order to achieve it, you should offer more importance for treating yourself like a worthwhile person. You should challenge the negative experiences that you came across in the past. You should deliver such messages that cares and nurtures you like a valuable person. There are several elements to address when you wish to nurture your self esteem.


Accomplish great things with self esteem!

Self-esteem is an internal power of human being. There are also people who have organized assortment recreational or dangerous activities for helping others to increase their self-esteem.  Mt. Pleasant has hosted the annual event for “Girl on the Run” at Island Park. In this event, more than hundreds of girls have participated. This event has been associated with 5K, and it starts at 9:30 am. Mr. Jen Crawford is the council director for Girls on the Run of Gratiot and Isabella Countries. Crawford said that coaches and open division participants can also join this program. It is nationally known as an after-school event that specially uses the internal power of running to assist girls for a healthy living, self-respect. It has been specially organized for enhancing the self esteem.

Mr. Jen Crawford said that “Girls on the Run” event is fully loaded with difficult activities. By participates this event, girls can increase their self esteem power. It is very essential to take a healthy decision for your life.  It has been expected that more than 900 girls will participate in this event. It is the best event to enhance their self-esteem as well as make the girls feel strong. This program will continue for 10 weeks. Each week this event will boast one lesson. Every lesson will be incorporated with physical activities. Now, you can join this program for increasing your self-esteem eventually.


Punishment and Kid’s Self Esteem!

Neff wrote all his experience about self esteem in the book “Self Compassion” which is released in this year April. After a long research psychologists are finding that self compassion is one of the most encouraging and important life skills. It provides energy and creativity to people in a positive manner. Self esteem is a very important skill that many people lack in their life. Self compassion is always misunderstood by people and they don’t know should be they live with their kids as well as themselves.

However, according to psychological research neither sides of the debate wins. According to Chua, communicating self esteem in children should start from accomplishments by forcing kids into obtaining or build their self esteem. However, the harsh punishment and criticism on kids is always denied by Chua as it has been associated with depression and anxiety at latter stage of life. It can also damage your kids self esteem in no time. In the modern society everybody knows that high self esteem is much required to achieve anything spectacular in life. Some psychologists are also suggesting that more emphasis on self esteem can distract people from their life’s original track. As we know self compassion has 3 aspects such as mindfulness, common humanity and kindness.


Self Esteem and Modern Technology!

Self worth is the assurance and pleasure in oneself as defined by Webster’s dictionary. According to the term self esteem has directly associated to the amount of faith one has in himself or herself. Self esteem can be affected by numbers of facts such as spouse, children, peers and performance. A person’s self esteem is frequently in his or her childhood at the very first influence. As soon as younger gets into school their self assurance developed with the influence of other children. These early years generally suggests how self esteem the child should be in his or her future life.

Research shows that technology can also play a vital role in people’s self esteem. The over use of technology has an adverse impact on individual’s self confidence. However, the best way to improve self esteem is always to get physically socialize. Excessive use of technology can become an individual overly introverted rather than properly extroverted. The usage of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can improve a person’s self esteem in a great way. Facebook is a website which is always staying connected socially and offers a sense of empowerment to the individuals. However, the self worth sill inevitably start to suffer once the technology becomes a substitute for interpersonal interaction.

Essential Life Skills Self Compassion and Self Esteem!

Neff is working an associate professor at the University of Texas, Austin, who suddenly came across the fact that her findings are invaluable. She came to know about it when she was at the mid of her psychological research conducted on self compassion. However, she has managed to stay sympathetic and really compassionate to herself and this is what allowed her to cope with the matter constructively. Such attitude has also allowed her to offer quality insights for How to Parent Her Struggling Son.

Neff has even written about it in the Self-Compassion, released this April. She has mentioned that self compassion and self esteem are the most important life skills that should be acquired by every human being. It’s all about imparting resilience, showing courage, staying energetic and having a creative mind. This sort of approach can really enhance your self esteem.

So many people in this world lack such skills. Self compassion and self esteem have often been misunderstood due to their related soft and indulgent aspects. This phrase can really turn the stomach of Amy Chua, who is the author of the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. This book has really triggered the core aspect of the debate – How Lenient We can be With Kids and Ourselves. However, psychological researches have even suggested that the outcomes of this debate will never win.


Gardening, Landscaping and Self Esteem!

People believe that digging and chopping a lot at the downtown cannot empower the youth and enhance self esteem instantly. However, there is one person who believes that such activities can really add more positivity and an enhanced self esteem level for the whole community. Greg Norris, the chairman of Alton Caring Corps has taken an innovative step to develop Youth Build programs. He also owns the garden property located at the Ridge and United Streets, Alton. He is now targeting the Lewis and Clark Community college students to join the Youth Build Program and planning to use that land one more time. It’s the second time he is using the garden property to develop such a program and trying to develop the self esteem level for these students.

There are 12 participants for the Youth Build programs and they are helping Greg Norris. A student named Willie Beckwith has even told that,” It’s all about gaining leadership skill and developing self esteem”. We are accomplishing such things that make us feel proud. We are learning different aspects about construction and landscaping. We are doing some valuable things for the whole community. We are also doing something really positive for ourselves by nurturing our self esteem and setting a positive standard for others.

The Caring Corps has been considered as a volunteer group that was initiated by Mayor Tom Hoechst during the year 2009. It was created to empower the community through volunteer works. Norris was the first man to join this project along with Randi Randolph and Christine McSwyne. Both volunteers are from Alton.