The Struggle of Self-Esteem while Fighting Cancer

Cancer patients have a difficult time as is on a day to day struggle, much less dealing with self esteem issues on top of everything else. When facing cancer and other potentially terminal diseases self esteem is crucial for a patient. There is so much struggle present in beating cancer that a person needs their self esteem and self-worth to get through some of the most difficult times any person could face. Through the struggle of cancer there is also a struggle with image that patients must deal with while fighting cancer. A male cancer patient for example may suffer from changes in mood, as well as other severe physical side effects, such as muscle loss, loss of sexual ability. These things can really harm self-esteem as often times these things are what define the male race. Now however there are places that can help these people rebuild how they view themselves, places such as Loyola’s Coleman Foundation Image Renewal Center, a relaxing place that specifically helps men and women who are recovering from cancer to rebuild themselves. This is very important is it lets the individual rebuild how they view themselves as well as gain the self esteem back that often times is not as present after the struggle with cancer. This development is important with keeping a sense of yourself and how you are doing on certain personal issues that will undoubtedly arise. If it weren’t for centers like this the road through cancer would be even more difficult, and we are all lucky that centers like this for personal self esteem and image recovery are present.

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