There are three main stimuli to self esteem:

  1. i.        Reflected appraisal– This refers to messages received from those who assess you. For example, people tend to be unable to believe in themselves with low self esteem once those who are close to them do not acknowledge them.
  2. ii.        Social comparison – is the individuals’ evaluation done by comparison of one’s own capability, characteristics and achievements to others. If a person is surrounded by superior people perceived to be more talented, they tend to lose their esteem and the ‘versa’ is true with low self esteem.
  3. iii.        Self-worth contingencies – This is how self esteem is influenced and this is through what is professed to be of utmost importance to us. For example, one person’s self esteem is raised in academics hence gaining a lot of friends.

They are likely to abuse themselves, as well as might stay in the physically and emotionally abusive relationships. Low self esteem can actually affect every aspect of lives our relationships, income, and health. I have also seen firsthand how the low self esteem will lead to debit, under earning, obesity and anorexia, as well as anti-social behavior. Our self esteem evolves and develops throughout lives when we build the image of ourselves through experiences with various people as well as activities. Experiences during childhood play large role in shaping of the basic self esteem“.

Lots of times, in case, we are suffering from the low self-esteem in the childhood, then this might plague us in our adolescence & adulthood. In case, we are suffering from the negative thoughts regarding ourselves we will attract the negative situations, and when provided many options, we might just see the negative solution, as it matches the comfort level. Plenty of our time is actually spent dealing with self absorbed negative thoughts, which we can’t be of service to people. That motivated me, as I am the spiritual person and can help others. For past decade I have studied methods to improve my own self esteem as well as are keenly aware how self esteem issues may impact lives of family and friends. And this led in improving my diet as well as dressing better that in turn lead to productivity & satisfaction in work life that lead to income & opportunities. Think about your personality and find one thing that is admirable. Are you kind, compassionate, creative or tenacious? Focus on one aspect of the personality & watch what actually happens.

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