Giving Back Gives You Self-Esteem?

A new study conducted by NYU is showing that people who do things for others actually have higher self esteem than those who do not. The study is very interesting in the sense that it asks you how you feel about yourself, as well as how you feel about doing things for others. The complete study asked the 700 participants to engage in positive activities for others every day of the survey for about 15 minutes. Now that may not seem like much time at all, but it is amazing to see how 15 minutes dedicated to someone else who may be less fortunate can actually improve your mental health as well as increase your self esteem. The process is very interesting in essence that most people do not make a correlation between doing good for others, and feeling better about yourself. However, this is as this study has shown a very interesting point that if you help others in essence you are truly helping yourself. The combination and mental issues that are involved is as to be expected rather complex, but the point being that doing the good for others will increase your own confidence as well as your self esteem. This is very important as most people understand that how you view yourself and your self esteem really influence how your able to do things in the future. Every one of these aspects is very important to a person’s future, and it goes to show you that if you help others you truly are helping yourself at the same time.

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