Help Your Kids Build Self-Esteem

The Neha Foundations centre for self-development and parental counseling founded by Psychologist Sumathi Chandrasekaran is hosting a very interesting program open for young people. This program is aimed at allowing children for a fun environment to build self esteem among other things that they will value in their future. The ages for the training program range from 14-20 years old, meaning it isn’t just for youngsters but for people who are at an age where their self esteem is everything. The goal of the workshop and training seminar is to give young people a leg up on things such as interviews and other future opportunities in education as well as job fields. The lessons learned are absolutely invaluable for children’s future. The importance for children to have self esteem are extreme, as it is something that will always effect your child. Everything from interaction with friends, to how well the individual works with others comes down in essence to a persons’ self esteem. This issue also ties into the educational ability of your child as well due to the fact that without positive self esteem it is much easier for anyone to fail in a classroom setting. Parents should consider a course like this for their young adult as the opportunities that can be generated from it are absolutely endless. Self esteem is absolutely everything in the real world and children everywhere no matter what age need that to be successful at whatever their dream may be. Parents keep your minds open and take advantage of opportunities like this for your child.


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