A healthy self esteem means that you have joy in you, you are able to handle any situation confidently and in a polite manner as you are able to make prominent decisions on your own, you feel loved, cared for, appreciated and accepted by others. Also you learn to appreciate your work and the other workers. By doing so you will have created good relationships with other members in the society that will lead to a good and happy life. By you feeling valued you will have the opportunity to make positive changes in the community since you have that potential. So when you have a positive self esteem you are likely to improve your life quality.

The self esteem is choice that we make and choice many times in a day. You might say, however I am very shy, or I am not very pretty, or I cannot think very fast, or no one thinks I may do that. But, by making the comments, you have actually made your choice & you have selected low self esteem. It bears repeating, choice is yours and you may select the high self esteem, and you may select low self esteem. Still, you are same person doesn’t matter which selection you make, it doesn’t change. But, your selection of self esteem makes the huge difference. It actually means everything to future. In case, you select high self esteem, then you may have everything that your heart desires. In case, you select low self esteem, then you get nothing.

So, why not select high self esteem? It is actually the no brainer, isn’t this? I want you perform the small exercise. In case, , all life, you have selected low self esteem, for only one moment just look back like you had selected high self esteem. And we have heard never-ending talk on Self-Esteem & generally we have agreed that it is very important. Thus, how come it is the epidemic of the low Self Esteem infecting society, especially our youth today?

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