Kids with low self esteem usually disparage themselves as they don’t even see themselves achieving anything in life. This is usually brought by parents, who are the key factor to motivating their young ones, whereby they don’t encourage kids in whatever they do. Low self esteem in kids is also caused by squabbling of parents, who have their differences, ending up in yells and fights at times. This will always lower your kid’s self esteem as they have no one to term as their role models. Teachers are also a great course of low self esteem in kids especially if they don’t ever appreciate how kids perform and guide them to improving their performance in class. At times kids may not perform to their expected levels in some subjects, and if not motivated by teachers, they end up hating the subject and thus gain low self esteem.

There many methods where you may use smiles for raising self-esteem. Here are a few suggestions:
Smile at yourself. While you do this then “happiness hormones” are been released in brain. While your eyes see image of you at a same time since these hormones are swirling over you, and your brain can begin to associate image of you with the pleasant feeling. You may program the brain to think You = Good. Essence of the self esteem is knowledge you are good, thus this is one simple and powerful method to raise your self-esteem.

Smile at people! Lots of people unfortunately base the sense of how fine they are on and how others treat them. Though true self esteem generally comes from inside, you may still make use of others to help you to raise the self esteem. More that you smile to others, more others may smile on you.

Finally, try and simple smile. You do not actually need the mirror and other people’s presence for raising your self-esteem just by smiling. More you smile, better you get in feeling happy. Happiness isn’t something, which happens to lucky, it is the skill, which is trained. Practice feeling happy & you can automatically feel much happy about yourself. People are labeled as having the low self esteem that are shy and reserved. I do not think that you may say somebody has low self-esteem because they feel little inadequate in area of life.

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