You should Stay Concerned about It!

In order to know more about self esteem, first you should determine some ideas about it. This has been considered as a part of human beings that often helps in processing the decisions. It also allows a person to know what is good and what is bad. The prime idea is to know the real thoughts associated with self esteem instead of moving here and there with the common notions. There are a few real thoughts behind self esteem which are playing a major role for a person while taking right decision and to behave properly, as improper behavior can hurt others.

Repetition Brings You Power: In case, you think you can get self esteem in one week after implementing the principles for some days, you are mistaken. Anything worthwhile in the life takes some consistent effort. Keep at this, and do not quit. Persistence is the essential element being successful in anything. Maybe more important than these principles mentioned – and develop habit to lose … often. Forget about you & think of others and serve and give others. Moment that you may forget about yourself & help others is a moment your self image, self esteem and confidence are heightened.

It is the self esteem, which is necessary to initiate ability to take the risks, put action, as well as develop character essential to attain success in anything. In case, your life is been packed with the hatred for self & low self esteem, then know there is not any necessity for this to continue to take over the life. Take bull by horn just by managing the thoughts & way you perceive yourself. By starting now & notice whatever you actually do summon your low self esteem in life. Eventually the thoughts must no longer be a part of daily thought mechanisms. By teaching confidence & self -esteem to your love ones & others can get very simple after reading the article.


Being selfless makes one have high self esteem. The ability to give out, being humble, concerned and sharing with others will always lead you to a good position in the society. Selflessness makes one attain a good personal stand and negates one from being mean to others. With a selfless heart, you attain good relationships and interaction with others; hence you exchange happy ideas and this leads to a joyful life that is a quality of high self esteem. Though this is a very good practice, it is very rarely practiced by people and religions. Being selfless calls for self sacrifice that is hard for many to practice, but if applied, it makes one gain love and appreciation for others.

Best example of negative impacts of people’s low self esteem is when the parent with the low self-esteem actually behaves in the non loving way towards their kids who in turn can grow up with the low self esteem & do same to people. Each word you say to others, each gesture & action is been influenced by the self-esteem. In case, you have the low self -esteem that you can normally have the negative effect on people. Level of the self esteem is obviously not only the personal matter. Compare in the mind country where all political leaders have the high self esteem with the country where all leaders have the low self-esteem. In case, I lived in country with the low self esteem politicians I will demonstrate to send them all on the self esteem course!

The self esteem has the larger impact other people’s lives than the skills in physics, mathematics, history, music, and any other school subject. Still self-esteem isn’t officially taught in the schools. While I was the child, we had textbook named “I’m good enough”. As adult I will guess that the book was been supposed to teach us the self esteem, however all students (that includes me) hated these classes as they were very boring.



Kids with low self esteem usually disparage themselves as they don’t even see themselves achieving anything in life. This is usually brought by parents, who are the key factor to motivating their young ones, whereby they don’t encourage kids in whatever they do. Low self esteem in kids is also caused by squabbling of parents, who have their differences, ending up in yells and fights at times. This will always lower your kid’s self esteem as they have no one to term as their role models. Teachers are also a great course of low self esteem in kids especially if they don’t ever appreciate how kids perform and guide them to improving their performance in class. At times kids may not perform to their expected levels in some subjects, and if not motivated by teachers, they end up hating the subject and thus gain low self esteem.

There many methods where you may use smiles for raising self-esteem. Here are a few suggestions:
Smile at yourself. While you do this then “happiness hormones” are been released in brain. While your eyes see image of you at a same time since these hormones are swirling over you, and your brain can begin to associate image of you with the pleasant feeling. You may program the brain to think You = Good. Essence of the self esteem is knowledge you are good, thus this is one simple and powerful method to raise your self-esteem.

Smile at people! Lots of people unfortunately base the sense of how fine they are on and how others treat them. Though true self esteem generally comes from inside, you may still make use of others to help you to raise the self esteem. More that you smile to others, more others may smile on you.

Finally, try and simple smile. You do not actually need the mirror and other people’s presence for raising your self-esteem just by smiling. More you smile, better you get in feeling happy. Happiness isn’t something, which happens to lucky, it is the skill, which is trained. Practice feeling happy & you can automatically feel much happy about yourself. People are labeled as having the low self esteem that are shy and reserved. I do not think that you may say somebody has low self-esteem because they feel little inadequate in area of life.


Adolescence is most associated with self esteem as it is the key to developing character in teenagers. Since adolescence leads to transformation of one’s body, altering the appearance and shape of the body, self esteem affects the self image of an individual. It requires one to have a high self esteem so as to accept their new look as very many changes occur that sometimes don’t look appealing to some people. For young boys, the beard plays a major role and with self esteem one understands their new look and accepts it. All these transformations brought up by adolescence require one to have self esteem so as to accept the new “them” and not harshly judge themselves.

Generally, the employer gets pension contributions from the pay prior to tax is been deducted. You just need to pay the tax on amount left, therefore whether you pay the tax at basic, higher and additional rate, and you can get full relief instantly. In case, you are the dentist of General Practitioner & contribute to the public service arrangement, and you are taxed as the self employed for the portion of earnings thus you must claim the self esteem by self esteem. Moreover, you may put some money in somebody’s else’s personal self esteem, and your wife, husband, child and grandchild for example. They can get the tax relief however cannot affect your tax dues. In case, pension arrangement allows this, you can as well put the money towards somebody’s public service and occupational scheme.

Whereas you cannot get the self esteem, person can get this through the tax return. IRS allows amount that you save for retirement being protected that as well relieves the tax burden. In case, you are retired presently, then you can pay the taxes on anything you make through the investments that you make. Nonetheless, in case, you are working, then you might contribute to the pension plan as well as defer taxes & may just need to pay taxes on amount you can withdraw later. American Recovery & Reinvestment Act that established previous year also helps the people to lower the tax burdens on the retirement income. The program is mainly made for people at present getting the pensions & for the government service retirees. In case, you actually qualify for the programs, then you can get the benefit to take the tax credit or Economic Recovery Payment that you are been entitled.


Punishment and Kid’s Self Esteem!

Neff wrote all his experience about self esteem in the book “Self Compassion” which is released in this year April. After a long research psychologists are finding that self compassion is one of the most encouraging and important life skills. It provides energy and creativity to people in a positive manner. Self esteem is a very important skill that many people lack in their life. Self compassion is always misunderstood by people and they don’t know should be they live with their kids as well as themselves.

However, according to psychological research neither sides of the debate wins. According to Chua, communicating self esteem in children should start from accomplishments by forcing kids into obtaining or build their self esteem. However, the harsh punishment and criticism on kids is always denied by Chua as it has been associated with depression and anxiety at latter stage of life. It can also damage your kids self esteem in no time. In the modern society everybody knows that high self esteem is much required to achieve anything spectacular in life. Some psychologists are also suggesting that more emphasis on self esteem can distract people from their life’s original track. As we know self compassion has 3 aspects such as mindfulness, common humanity and kindness.


Kids and Self Esteem 2

You don’t always have to agree with your kids when you listen to them, nor let them do whatever they want. You can have a different view on a situation and still understand their perspective. And you may still have to discipline them even if you better understand why they misbehaved.

You should structure situations so your children experience more success than failure. Don’t expect standards of performance which they cannot achieve. You want them to grow up with far more praise than criticism, more accomplishments than failures this helps build self esteem.

Let your children know they are lovable and capable. Again, this is a self-evident principle and helps build self esteem. You should give your children daily expressions of affection – hugs, kisses, words of love, praise and appreciation. Think of them as cups of love which you want to fill with as much caring as you can.

Provide security for them. Children need to feel secure this is very important in building and maintaining self esteem. Few feel secure when there are conflicts occurring around them. Few can relax inwardly when others around them are shouting, accusing, criticizing and hating each other. To a small child, tension between parents, or between parents and the child or other children, constitute a deep chasm of insecurity. Plus, they may end up blaming themselves for the conflicts around them.

Avoid arguing around them as much as possible. If they do see conflict, make sure they also see resolution of the conflict. Not everything in life is peaches and cream and problems do arise. People will argue – it’s a fact of life. The important part here is that the child sees a peaceful resolution in the end. This will teach them problem solving skills and help them realize that even though there is conflict in the world, there is also a way to resolve it in ways that everyone benefits from. Self Esteem.


Kids and Self Esteem 3

Our children need to know that we accept and love them regardless of what they may do, but also that certain forms of behavior are not acceptable to us. We should, however, investigate for ourselves why this behavior is not acceptable.

Is it because it will be potentially harmful to the child, to someone else, or to us? Or is it simply because we are programmed that it should not be done? Or does the behavior conflict with our expectations based on our personal needs and dreams for the child? Or are we afraid of what the others will think about our child and subsequently about us? This has a lot to do with your child’s self esteem and self image.

We must be very clear about why we are rejecting a certain behavior. Our rejection can come out of a place of real love and concern for the child, if, in fact, we are not simply protecting our own interests. As long as a certain behavior does no real harm to anyone, it is best to allow the child to pursue it. Self Esteem.

Something within them, some need is guiding them to explore that kind of activity. They have something to learn through doing that. This does not mean that there are not moments where control or even natural or logical consequences may be necessary. But we need to be sure that the reasons are valid and have to do with real issues of safety or morality and not because we are disappointed with their grades or selection of hobbies, interests or friends. Self Esteem.

In order to love our children unconditionally, we will need to start loving ourselves unconditionally. We will have to let go of all the prerequisites we have put on our own self-love and Self Esteem. We will need to love ourselves even though we are not perfect, even though we make mistakes, even when others do not love and accept us. The more we free our self-love from the various prerequisites, the more our love for our children and others will become unconditional.


Kids and Self Esteem 4

Finally, we must provide positive reinforcement for our children. Everyone likes a pat on the back, recognition, strokes, praise or affirmation of his or her ability, goodness and worthiness. Our children have not yet formed images of themselves and need these positive inputs even more than adults. Children are not sure if they are able or not. They are small in such a large world. They are learning and thus making many mistakes as they try to learn how to do things correctly.

In our attempt to help our children we often tend to point out their mistakes more frequently than their successes. The mistakes are what are more obvious and thus we feel the need to point them out. The successes are taken for granted. We over-emphasize what our children do wrong. This undermines their sense of ability, and they start to doubt whether they can really succeed.

Thus they become preoccupied, worrying about whether they will be able to do it, and whether they will be criticized damaging their self esteem. Thus little energy is left for focusing on what they are actually doing so that they can do it correctly and succeed. Then, if our children’s performance suffers, we become even more critical. This creates a vicious circle in which our children’s sense of ability, success and worthiness is completely undermined.

So, the easy thing to say is just “Don’t do this”. If you find yourself overly criticizing a child or yelling berating comments at them, take a moment, count to 10 and think of a healthier way to address the situation. They will be better for it – and so will you! Self Esteem Baby. What about that huge area that is especially difficult to deal with? It’s bound to happen, but don’t let it swallow you! Criticism can be given and accepted graciously without affecting your self esteem.