Self Esteem Exercises


The psychological health of a person starts with the essential core of the person accepting themselves, being loved and respected by others. Self esteem will help the person face life with more confidence and optimism making them achieve their goals in life. Self esteem allows people to be more ambitious in respect to emotional, creative and spiritual experiences hence widening the capacity of being happy.

Self esteem convinces people that they deserve to be happy. It increases the capacity of an individual in treating others with respect and goodwill hence favoring good interpersonal relationships.

At the work place, self esteem allows creativity and creates conditions good enough for teaching and learning. Seeing the list of accomplishments will help us to appreciate ourselves. Remember some days it is fine just to suck air. In case, you are fighting the tough emotional battle, then staying alive & sucking air is the huge accomplishment.

Find somebody to help and someway to be of the service. Current neurological research indicates when you give to somebody else, the chemical in brain named dopamine changes. With Self Esteem your brain cannot tell in case, you are giving and receiving, however you feel better. So, find easy ways to help people. Write & post the helpful ezine article, give somebody the flower, baby sit friend’s child, go on talk to shut in, walk your dogs for humane society in area, and volunteer for one day community project. While I was suffering from the mild depression and low self esteem, I found strength getting out of the bed as I was taking care of the stray cat. When I had the bad day, then I held on this fact it stray cat was better, as I was alive & helping it.

Do something that you love to do. People who are suffering from the low self esteem often punish themselves. The inner voice might say, “I cannot go to beach I need to get more and more work done.” Ignore voice & go do something that you actually love. In case, doing something that you love causes the backfire of some negative thoughts, and do something that you love for the short time. Maybe you can spend fifteen minutes reading the art magazine, working on the jigsaw puzzle and working on the garden. Definitely you have the bills to pay, family requirements to tend to & there is work that has to be done. However, you are just spending 15minutes away from the responsibilities.

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