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Beside the physical and mental power, the self esteem comes first in everyone’s life! Self esteem is also known as confidence. Having confidence is required for every person. In most of the cases, many strong people can’t achieve their success in their life due to less self esteem power. It is an internal power of every person to solve any problem in smooth way. Also the person can boost their thinking power to compare the positive and negative side of any work, so they are never facing any critical problem in their life like other. Through the power of self esteem the person will never react or over excited with any work and firstly researches the positive and negative side before final decision. It is also a sign of leadership quality which is unique enough and not present with every person.

The person has the enhanced self esteem always get more respect from family and friend. Also they can motivate others in a positive way. With the help of this power the person can create a special image in the society as well as attract others. So, the self esteem power is a positive sign for people as well as for their society. People can generally look for the excuses to explain about why they are not able to participate in any particular activities. One more sign of the low self esteem is somebody who is forceful & argumentative with regards to opinions & ideas. It is simple to see person as “bully,” however usually that the tough exterior is been used to hide self-doubt, which causes low self esteem.

But, as one person is seen as bully always who is trying to push the people around, other person with the low self esteem is seen as complete opposite as she looks to be “door mat,” and somebody who is saying “yes.” Normally, person handling the low self esteem in this way can display some other signs like not making eye contact & frequently apologizing. Above we have discussed some of external signs of the low self esteem. Also, we go to begin with external signs and it is very common for person with the low self esteem to look loud arrogant as he is bragging about the achievements that he has already accomplished and number of things that he has experienced all his life.

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