Schools Should Build Self-Esteem, Not Tear it Down

During the end of school children are to participate in the end of grade testing, and are told that if they do well they often times will get to participate in a class party of some sort. This type of testing and the way that teachers promote the students passing the exam can truly damage self esteem of the children that do not pass the examination. This is something that simply should not happen, as children often times are very brutal to each other in a class room and can get made fun of for pretty much anything. When a student would not pass this test it would surely damage this student’s self esteem, which in a grade school setting should never happen. It is the responsibility of the student to learn what they can, and ask for help if they don’t understand something. While it is the teachers job to teach the student, this would require building a student’s self esteem and making them feel they can succeed. Examinations like this where the teacher throws a party for the students that pass, while the others that don’t get absolutely nothing really is damaging to self esteem. Teachers should help the students that do not pass that way they will be able to succeed in the future, isn’t that what a teachers job is supposed to consist of? Children will also get made fun of for not being at the grand ole party for those that pass, grades should be kept individual and private as some people are naturally more talented in certain subjects than others, celebrations like these should not be allowed and certainly shouldn’t be promoted by the teachers.


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