Beat Seasonal Blues with 4 Power Based Self-Esteem Tools

Beat Seasonal Blues with 4 Power Based Self-Esteem Tools

Beat seasonal blues with 4 power based tips which also enhance your self-esteem. Instead of waking up and feeling blue learn how to fight back.

Beating seasonal depression is easy if you know what tools to use. We have four tools and tips you can use to win the battle against seasonal depression.

Four Tips Which Help You Beat Seasonal Depression

There are four tips we are going to share with you that puts power back into your body and mind. Use these tools when you start to feel seasonal depression coming at you. They give you a concrete way to fight back and move forward.

1) Activity and movement provide physical and psychological benefits. They also allow you to feel and see light around you when you are moving around. This is essential to a good heart circadian rhythm. It brings lightness to the body and spirit. This is vital in fighting back against darkness and depression.

2) Eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods. It's a fact that a healthy diet boost your mood. Healthy diets give you energy and balance your cravings for junk food or unhealthy carbohydrates.

When Therapy and Counseling Are a Good Tool to Use

3) It's okay to talk it out. When seasonal depression keeps you feeling blue and you have lost your zeal for life, seeking therapy is a wonderful gift to give yourself. There are three different types of psychological therapies which can help beat back blues. They are

The therapist will then work on helping you find a way to change your negative thought patterns.

The thought patterns which occur in the season which prompts your depression. The therapist will give you ways to change your thoughts and behaviors into positive patterns.

  • Guided Self Help – Guided self help is learning how to help yourself with self-talk, meditation, and self-learning.

Find your inner core and spirit and align them with your practical and healthy exercises. These verbal, physical and mental exercises help you become more balanced in your mood.

  • Counseling for Depression – Counseling for depression is something many people need from time to time. 16 million adults in the United States have had at least one depression episode.

Many of those involve seasonal depressive episodes. Seeking therapy to talk about your depression helps you find where the depression is coming from. That way you can work on ways to prevent it or fight back against it.

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More Tips and Tools To Beat Back Seasonal Depression

4) Don't fight seasonal depression by yourself. Enlist your family and friends to help beat back those blues. There is nothing worse than isolating yourself when you already feel depressed or blue.

Isolation allows us to dwell on the depression or the blue feelings. It is important to enlist family and friends to help keep active, do activities with people you care about.

This helps you escape from the one-person cage of solitude. Anything that brings you pleasure helps lighten your inner spirit.

5) Get a new hobby or re-energize an old hobby. Hobbies help give you purpose. It is important to use interest and motivation in finding old, new, and exciting purposes. There is sometimes nothing more exciting than finding a new purposeful hobby you can throw yourself into 100 percent.

Misconceptions about Seasonal Depression

Many people think that seasonal depression only happens in the wintertime. That is when many people are cooped up and stuck inside their homes. However, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depression which is defined as a recurring major depression which happens with a seasonal pattern.

This depression can be brought on during any season for any reason. Many people will have their seasonal depression end when the season is over. Yet the depression comes back the next season around the same time.

The symptoms of seasonal depression are somewhat unique to SAD. They include, but are not limited to;

  • Tiredness and a general feeling they cannot get enough sleep
  • Irritable or cry easily
  • Become more and more isolated, rarely venturing away from their home
  • Weight gain or binge eating
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What Else Can Be Done to Help Seasonal Blues?

There are many other things which can be done to help fight back against seasonal depression or the blues.

There are studies which suggest going to bed early may help. Many of us are wired for our energy levels to rise and decrease during certain times of the day. Fighting the blues with your body clock is a great idea.

That is a holistic and healthy way for your body to roll with the season and go to bed when you are tired. Instead of forcing yourself to stay up and grow more depressed.

Treat yourself to a sauna or hot tub. There are studies which suggest the bodies temperature also may play into seasonal depression. Warming your body by a fire or in a sauna can help your body feel flush with heat while having a calming effect.

Aromatherapy can also help lift a mood or fight back against depressive darkness. There is a lot to be said for lighting a scented candle, sitting back, and enjoying the scent and ambiance around you.

The Seasonal Depression Battle Can Be Won

The seasonal depression battle can be won but you have to use tools to help you in the battle. If you take the time to develop these tools and tips you will reap the benefits. You may no longer experience anxiety or stress every time your depressive season rolls around.

Instead by using some of the tips and tools listed here you may find you have become stronger and are now able to win the seasonal depression battle. Enjoy the season which is breaking around you by controlling your activities and feelings. What fun you will have!

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