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One of the vital causes why self esteem is playing a major role in human’s life is that it can enhance the self confidence level. Self esteem can enhance your confidence level to achieve the objective in positive way, and also self esteem is majorly linked with your confidence level or personality. In most of the case people are losing the grip over their life due to low level of self esteem.

  • Self esteem can force you to make relationship with other, and most importantly it is offering the upmost level of happiness, with fulfilling the life desires.
  • And another way, people and their low self esteem are suffering from the badness of life so that low self esteem people are having low amount of success with happiness.
  • So, self esteem is playing a vital role in people’s personality with their relationship with others. It is the right way, to know the personality development with self confidence to achieve the objective.
  • Self esteem is offering the internal happiness with worthy personality.
  • While you are boosting your personality, before you need to choose one self esteem for achieving the complicated objective.
  • In this way, you can get full satisfaction result for your personality development.

Self esteem “can’t get attained by just reciting the boosters and affirmations and one may not give others the authentic self-esteem.” I agree, and we have to walk talk & demonstrate to kids what it is being positive. And display self loving behavior besides, boosters & affirmations and within time we can see those kids mimic same behavior. Self esteem. So, here are a few self-esteem boosting ideas for home and school:

  1. Display posters, which promote & affirm self worth
  2. Have students to make signs tape on the desks with names & 3 things that they love doing.
  3. For one of writing assignments, and have them to write story what they like of themselves.
  4. Every day greet them with smile & remind them how much valuable are they.
  5. Speak much louder while they are well & softer while they behave poorly. (self esteem)
  6. Put positive not in desk and lunch box.
  7. Tell them you are very proud of them. (build self esteem)
  8. Look in mirror daily & remind yourself how good are you.
  9. Like Robert Frost ” Make bed & make up mind that it is going to be a very good day.

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