Children Self Esteem

Punishment and Kid’s Self Esteem!

Neff wrote all his experience about self esteem in the book “Self Compassion” which is released in this year April. After a long research psychologists are finding that self compassion is one of the most encouraging and important life skills. It provides energy and creativity to people in a positive manner. Self esteem is a very important skill that many people lack in their life. Self compassion is always misunderstood by people and they don’t know should be they live with their kids as well as themselves.

However, according to psychological research neither sides of the debate wins. According to Chua, communicating self esteem in children should start from accomplishments by forcing kids into obtaining or build their self esteem. However, the harsh punishment and criticism on kids is always denied by Chua as it has been associated with depression and anxiety at latter stage of life. It can also damage your kids self esteem in no time. In the modern society everybody knows that high self esteem is much required to achieve anything spectacular in life. Some psychologists are also suggesting that more emphasis on self esteem can distract people from their life’s original track. As we know self compassion has 3 aspects such as mindfulness, common humanity and kindness.


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