Self Esteem

Creating a Healthy Mind!

If you have ever read to Nathaniel Branden, then you could have a better idea about self esteem. Some of the most favorite definitions for self esteem that has been mentioned by Nathaniel Branden are provided below:

  • Self esteem is all about having a healthy mind
  • Self esteem is the immune system for consciousness
  • Self esteem is all about the reputation we use to have with ourselves

Like a healthy body we also need a healthy mind. A person with a healthy mind can accomplish the tasks with more ease and at the same time he or she can become more successful. In order to gain a healthy mind we need to work on the development of self esteem. Well, this sort of work can be achieved through maintaining a proper diet and doing exercises which will keep the body and mind healthy and at the same time we need to make you’re surrounding a better place to live. All these things can really affect while trying to develop self esteem. It is very normal for most people feel a few diminution in sense of the self esteem at some points in lives. Few might also feel diminished belief inself just during the major life crises and when buffeted by the severe stress; and others are given to self-doubt at every time & under all the circumstances.

If you really want to enhance the level of your self esteem, then you need to work on it indirectly by working on the elements that can contribute for it. You might look confident & unphased, however still suffer internally symptoms of the low self esteem like feeling you are fraud, failure, and not worthy enough. The low self esteem is cage where you can incarcerate yourself while you don’t believe you are very good enough. Key to leave cage is Truth: and that you are very worthy & good, you are capable, and that you are very lovable. It is very hard to find key due to the judgmental mind talk as well as negative feeling it generates. Raising self esteem needs you work on symptoms of the low esteem above. Till, you find way to reverse it, and you are possible to get stuck emotionally as well as to suffer negative as well as damaging effects of the incessant negative feelings. Self Esteem.

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